Kansas City Shuts Out Oakland 28-0


All we heard about prior to the Kansas City Chiefs game in Oakland was the Raiders acquired QB Carson Palmer from the Bengals. But the Kansas City Chiefs quickly rained on that parade by intercepting Boller 3 times and forcing the Raiders to put Palmer into the game. Granted, Palmer was probably playing with a limited playbook, but the Chiefs won’t complain about that, they intercepted him 3 times as well. Most games when you force 7 turnovers and finish +5 in the turnover category, you probably win the game. And behind stellar defensive play, the Chiefs were able to win in their most impressive game so far this season.

On the offensive side, it looks like the Chiefs have finally found their guy to replace Charles for season, and that man is Jackie Battle. Battle again impressed the Chiefs with his 76 yards on 16 carries, and likely will be the Chiefs number one runner going forward.

Next week the Chiefs host the Chargers on Monday night, and will be looking to improve to 4-3. Keep coming back to this Kansas City Chiefs Blog for all the needed Chiefs news regarding the 2011 season.


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