Kansas City Chiefs release Tim Biere and 13 players to meet NFL limit


Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

The Kansas City Chiefs announced the release of former Kansas City tight end Tim Biere and thirteen other players to reach the NFL maximum limit of a 75 man roster per team.

This move comes after a disappointing 44-14 loss to Seattle last Friday but did not come as a surprise as it needed to be done before the NFL deadline on Monday. Some of the players released by the Chiefs include Caleb Campbell (LB), Dexter Heyman (LB), Cam Holland (Offensive Lineman), Justin Cheadle (Offensive Lineman), Aaron Weaver (WR), Zeke Markshausen (WR), Brandon Kinnie (WR), Jeremy Horne (WR). The Chiefs are expected to cut more players by Friday to meet the NFL’s roster limit.


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