Chiefs shed more weight to meet 53-man roster limit


Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI
Kansas City Chiefs announced on Friday that they terminated the contracts of two veteran players and released 17 players to meet the NLF’s 53-man roster requirement. The chiefs released Amon Gordon (NT) and Leon Williams (LB) while placing rookie De’Quan Menzie (DB) and undrafted rookie Alex Tanney on the injured reserve list. Thirty year old Gordon recorded twenty three (23) tackles and two sacks in sixteen (16) games for the Chiefs in 2011.
Other players waived by the Chiefs include Chandler Fenner (DB), Mikail Baker (DB), Terrance Parks (DB), Jerome Long (DE), Brandon Brair (DE), Josh Bellamy (WR), Jamar Newsome (WR), Junior Hemingway (WR), Neiko Thorpe (Safety), Donald Washington (Safety), Gabe Miller (Outside LB), Lucas Patterson (Guard), Rich Ranglin (Guard), Darryl Harris (Guard), Patrick DiMarco, (FB), Rob Bruggeman (Center).
Although Junior Hemingway and Jerome Long were in the Chief’s 2012 draft it was not enough to keep them on the team. Perhaps this gives an opportunity for the younger players to seek a step forward in the market but competition may be steep due to the fact that other teams have numerous options in the new pool of released players this season.


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