Chiefs Look To Bounce Back From Blowout Loss


Making your NFL picks for week 3 will be tricky, especially in the Kansas City Chiefs at New Orleans Saints game.  Both teams lost this past Sunday and do not look good by any means.  Whichever team can build a tight offensive game plan will take this game home.  While this looks to be the Saints for the taking, the Chiefs could surprise many and defeat the lackluster ex- Super Bowl champions.

Matt Cassel, while not having the best game of his life on Sunday, did make some great decisions.  He threw for over 300 yards and managed two touchdowns.  Where he faltered was in his turnovers. He was not able to keep the ball out of the Buffalo Bills hands and managed an interception and fumble that the Bills more that capitalized on.  If he can stay consistent next Sunday in New Orleans, the Chiefs may have a chance to pull this one out.  That’s the bad news for Cassel and Chiefs, though.  They have to go to the Saints home town where the fans are about as loud as it gets.

Drew Brees had a similar day to Cassel on Sunday, but did not manage as many touchdowns.  He only had one in the upset loss to the hungry Carolina Panthers.  Many are beginning to doubt the Saints staying power without Sean Payton on their sideline.  With him, they are one of the most decisive teams in the league.  Without him, they have two losses to teams that they should have had little trouble defeating.  Brees is doing him best to make the right choices on offense, but it does not seem to be enough.  If they do not get a game plan together by Sunday, they could be looking at their third straight loss.

While Sunday’s game rests on much more than solid offensive play calling, that is what could help the Chiefs defeat the disappointing Saints.  Both Kansas City and New Orleans have a mighty hole they need to dig themselves out of, and one of them will get a head start this Sunday.


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