Hello Chiefs Nation!


Good day ladies and gentleman.  Or should I say Chiefs Nation?  We are still Chiefs Nation right?  With all the chaos surrounding Kansas City Chiefs football this year, it’s been kind of a blinding, even a near stroke causing, kind of season thus far.  Good news?  I am officially one of the newest writers here on Chiefs360 (if not the newest).  So I would like to first thank Craig and Fansturn for giving me this opportunity to let my voice and opinion be heard.

I would like to begin by introducing myself.  My name is Chris Atkins.  I’ve been a life long Chiefs and Royals fan (yes, I admit to both).  This is due to the love of my hometown in which I was born 34 years ago.  God bless Kansas City!  I currently reside in mid-Missouri and love this state.  I am a Systems Analyst for an I.T. company in Columbia, Mo and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I am not a professional writer nor do I have any journalism experience, I do however enjoy casual writing when it comes to the Chiefs and Royals.  So everyone may see me around here for awhile.  Moving on.

I have friends whom are Broncos and Chargers fans, so the current state of affairs makes me the laughingstock and doormat of the NFL.  My opinions are sometimes very harsh.  Maybe even mean.  And sometime balance on the fence of extreme and gone-too-far.  But I will also provide facts.  Facts that serve a purpose, that sometimes begin to form the basis of my opinions.  Although some things are just crap no matter what the facts say (eh hem Scott Pioli).  Wait, facts due support my claim that Pioli is a waste of money, office space, and One Arrowhead Drive fresh air.   Anyhow, the Pioli bashing and Cassel trashing will be for another day.  I promise to deliver livid, thoughtful, provoking, and even controversial Chiefs news on a weekly basis.

So without further adieu, I shall resign from this current post and begin to look forward to Monday Night Football for the basis of my next write.  The Pittsburgh Steelers v.s. Kansas City Chefs.   I mean Chiefs.  Aww…who am I kidding, we’re back to being the Chefs.  One last tidbit, if you don’t know, visit www.saveourchiefs.com and @SaveOurChiefs on twitter.  Big things happening.  The Movement.  Blackout Arrowhead Nov. 18th.

Go Chiefs!


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