Our QB Dilemma…and the Trust of Scott Pioli (Just some Game Day reading material)


Good day Chiefs Nation!  Tonight our not-so-lovely team faces the gaping jaws of the Pittsburgh Steelers, whom offensively directed by former Chiefs HC, Todd Haley, look to put a 97-3 beat down on us.  Ok, not likely, but definitely not outside the realm of impossible.  But right now, I’m not talking about predictions, views, opinions, or facts about the game to come.  I want to discuss the overly discussed QB situation in KC and what we possibly have to look forward to come April 2013.  Will Scott Pioli be GM still?  Will Matt Cassel get the security escort out of One Arrowhead Drive?  Will we finally get a 1st round QB, for the first time in 30 years?   Only time will provide all these answers.  But until then, lets have fun.

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How many people in Chiefs Nation want to see this guy slinging, wait, not slinging (slinging is what Matt Stafford, and Andrew Luck type QBs do), but pathetically throwing ducks for KC next year?  Can I get some comments below or @JediChris816 on twitter, if you want to defend the unacceptable, lack of talent type play by this QB impostor whom thinks this is Halloween every Sunday, or Monday for tonight.  Take off the costume Matt.  Please.  PLEASE!  Your a great guy Matt, great to the community, but you have the skills of an 8 year old playing Pop Warner.  I’m sorry, you just don’t have the skill set to be even an “average” NFL QB.  Third string QB is what he is BEST SUITED for.  Numero tres on the depth chart.

Stats.  2012.  Lets take a quick and very short look at the bad.  Matt Cassel has 11 ints.  Matt Cassel has 8 fumbles.  Matt Cassel has 19 individual turnovers!  Truly a HoF feat for any one person.  Not a HoF feat for brilliance or great play, but for absolute epic failure.  I can bet my years salary to say it is safe to say, that if Cassel plays the rest of the season, he will have 20+ ints and close to 15 fumbles.  To be safe, I’ll lay Cassel out to dry with 30 turnovers by the time the final whistle blows on the Chiefs 2012 season.  So now lets take a look at the good stats by Matt Cassel.  Just one moment…Im looking for them.

I cant seem to find any good stats or anything good about Matt Cassel this year.  Or last year while I’m at it.  The best good I can say about Cassel this year, is more than likely it will be his last with KC.

Now before anyone says I’m attacking Matt Cassel, lets be very clear.  I AM ATTACKING MATT CASSEL.  He should be ashamed of himself and return 90% of that $63 million dollar contract.  And some may say, “But Matt Cassel made the Pro Bowl in 2010.”  Again, let me be very clear.  Matt Cassel DID NOT make the 2010 Pro Bowl.  He played in the 2010 Pro Bowl as a substitute player for the injured Tom Brady.  He WAS A SUBSTITUTE player, he didn’t get voted in.  Fact.

Here is a link to testify he was snubbed in 2010 Pro Bowl voting.


And, here is another link to the fact of Tom Brady’s 2010 Pro Bowl replacement.


So, please, Cassel lovers, put down the Kool-Aide.

And for those of you whom are interested in such lead proclamations, here is your link:


So what do we want come April 2013 when the Chiefs are up to take their first pick in the 2013 draft?  Amongst numerous discussion forums, I think the majority of everyone in Chiefs Nation wants a QBOTF drafted.  A Geno Smith, or a Matt Barkley.  I like Tyler Wilson and AJ McCarron respectively.   Some say this draft class is weak with QBs whom are not NFL starter ready.  I tend to disagree, and say that this years draft class of QBs isn’t bad, there just isn’t any Andrew Lucks’ or RGIIIs’ in it.  Many claim Geno Smith will go #1.  Some say Matt Barkley.  I would like your opinion on whom you think KC should take.  Give Chiefs360 your mock draft.  I need some ideas, and opinions in order to talk about this coming April 13′ draft.

The $64,000 dollar question is: Can we trust Scott Pioli (if he is still with the organization come draft day), to make the right decision?  And the second question I want to ask is; does Scott Pioli know what a right decision is?  I would say the answer to both questions is “No”, and “Hell to the NO.”  Pioli hasn’t given us a reason to trust him.  I’d trust the the team towel boy before I trust Pioli.  But come hell and high water, I expect a ‘Franchise QB’ picked in April and Matt Cassel shown the exit.  My opinions are very harsh and not always liked, so please feel free to share yours with me and lay some criticism on me.

Scott Pioli cannot be trusted.  He brings in a backup QB, Matt Cassel from New England, and pays the man $63 million dollars to deliver 100% failure in KC.  4 years in now and KC is the worst team in football.  Pioli refuses to end his marriage to Cassel and refuses to admit fault.  He was recently interviewed by Len Dawson, and Pioli is on the record saying that , the expectations, are to high.  High expectations?  Without a doubt our expectations are high.  We were picked by numerous NFL experts to win the division this year.  Scott Pioli needs to go.  And take Cassel with him.  The Chiefs haven’t had a lead at any point this season.  Not since 1929 has a team gone this long without even a 1 second lead.  To get into fine detail, we’re talking about 488 minutes and 33 seconds without a lead.  Even Las Vegas oddmakers are betting on when the Chiefs will take their first lead.  The last time the Chiefs scored an opening drive touchdown was December of 2011.  That’s how bad the situation is.  Our  QBs are terrible, our defense gives up so many points every game, and the only bright side of the season is our run game.  The positive note in this article.   High expectations.  I can only shake my head at Scott.  If I only I had the privilege of doing Pioli’s job.  His “Patriot Way” is not the Chiefs way.  I wish his ego wouldn’t blind him so.  Clark Hunt needs to acknowledge the failure of Scott Pioli as Chiefs GM and show him the unemployment office.

This fan base needs a to know that every action is being looked into and considered.  This fan base needs the Chiefs to once again rise to glory and dominate the AFC West.    So this is my game day opinion on Matt Cassel and Scott Pioli.  Tomorrow, stay tuned to Chiefs360 for post game analysis.


Go Chiefs!


“Matt Cassel is not a Pro-Bowl QB, he was a substitute player, filling in for 2010 Pro-Bowler Tom Brady, who sat out due to injury.” – Chris Atkins 2012


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