Almost a Win! But…Matt Cassel Blows it Again!


They have finally done it!  A lead!  After 494 minutes and 56 seconds of football this season, the Kansas City Chiefs took their first lead of the season last night, against the Pittsburgh Steelers, with 8:33 remaining in the first quarter on a 12 yard scamper for a TD by superstar RB Jamaal Charles.  The Chiefs defense played with conviction.  The offensive line decided to do some run blocking, and the Chiefs finished with 130+ rushing yards.  It was a 60 minute battle that came down to 2.0 seconds left in regulation in which Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop hit a 46 yard FG to send the game into overtime.

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The Chiefs had been perfect in OT this year, with their only win coming against New Orleans, in which the game was won in OT.  So Chiefs fans everywhere were hoping that would hold true once again.  The coin was tossed and KC elected to receive.  First play in OT was a run.  The next, will haunt Matt Cassel for years to come.  And this is probably the play that sealed his fate in KC.  Everyone predicted what would happen next.  Everyone except Matty ‘Turnover King’ Cassel.  The twitterverse was ‘alive’ with prediction.  I however predicted this monumental flub way earlier in the day yesterday.  Even re-evaluated my prediction, and stuck by it at kickoff.  I knew Matt would have the game defining turnover.  Knew it.  It happens week in and week out.  He even turned the ball over twice during the bye week (and I ask myself how that is even possible).  Matty Turnover takes the snap, drops back far enough so he can get a running start to throw a duck, the wind up (which took longer than possibly necessary), the duck has been thrown, and…picked off by linebacker Lawrence Timmons!  Returned to the Chiefs 5-yard line, which, on the next play, sets up the game winning 23-yard FG by S.Suisham.  Game over.  Steelers win.

Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

A video replay of Matty Turnover’s game defining, and losing, turnover can be found here.  I shall now always refer to Matt Cassel as ‘Matty Turnover’.  I say it with pride.

It was a good game.  A great MNF battle.  But in the end, the superior team won, when an ending needed to be had.  And endings have been far too ugly in KC this year.  Whole games have been ugly.  The breaking point as a fan has come, and gone.  1-8 on the year.  2-14 is very possible, going 4-12, pretty unlikely.  It has become commonplace for failure at the hands of Matty Turnover.  I love my Chiefs.  I love KC.  Kansas City is my hometown, so its only natural that I expect greatness, not the hallow empty husk of what once was.  The price of greatness.  What is the price?  What is Clark willing to pay for its return?  He paid $63 million for failure, so what will the price of greatness be?  $200 million? $300?  More? No.  Just no.  No greatness this year…

Now, if Matty Turnover has any common sense, he wont leave his home today.   He should be embarrassed to show his face in KC.  He is an embarrassment to Chiefs football.  I know I was on the attack of Matty Turnover yesterday, and Im on it again today.  Can you blame me?

So all in all, my final analysis is as follows.  Matty Turnover had one big play on the night.  A 38-yard quacking duck in pain that somehow floated into the hands of Tony Moeaki for the big play.  Which in turn, set up what led to a 12-yard TD scamper by J. Charles.  Other than J. Charles having a J. Charles type of game, the rest of the offense was flat.  Matty Turnover was 11 of 26 for 154 YDS and 1 INT.  J. Charles had 23 rushes for 100 yards and 1 TD.  The receivers all had lackluster performances due to the lack of skill by Chiefs QB Matty Turnover.  The defense played well.  Hali, Houston, and DJ all played solid.  The defensive backs held their own last night and didn’t get burned.  The defensive line was a brick wall, holding the Steelers run game to just 95 yards.  I think the switch to Gary Gibbs as DC really showed last night during the game.  The defense was stout.  They prevented a blowout loss.  My final thought is that the Chiefs played tough.  They wanted the win.  The defense wanted the win.  Matty Turnover didn’t play like he wanted to win.  And  we all know how this ends.

Next Sunday, 11/18, is KC vs Cincy, in Kansas City, and also the ‘Blackout Arrowhead’ date, started by SaveOurChiefs.

If you love the Kansas City Chiefs, are a die-hard Chiefs fan, and you don’t know about SaveOurChiefs, its not to late to get started and participate in the movement.  ‘Like on Facebook and follow on twitter @SaveOurChiefs.

Hopefully our future will look brighter next season.  Go Chiefs!

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“Matt Cassel is not a Pro-Bowl QB, he was a substitute player, filling in for 2010 Pro-Bowler Tom Brady, who sat out due to injury.” – Chris Atkins 2012


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