A Coach Who Wants To Win Wouldn’t Start Matt Cassel


It’s official folks.  Just moments ago Kansas City Chiefs HC Romeo Crennel announced that Matty Turnover will be starting Sunday, 11/18, against the Cincinatti Bengals.  Even though earlier this week Brady Quinn said he had been cleared to practice, and even play Sunday, Romeo rebuts Bradys’ comments saying Brady hasn’t been cleared to play.

So why is Matty Turnover starting?  The season is lost.  Gone.  Matty Turnover made sure that all hope was lost in OT during Monday nights game.  Although in hindsight I believe all hope was lost weeks ago.  It would make sense to go ahead and throw in Ricky Stanzi to start.  Why not?  Is Stanzi worse than Matty Turnover?  Well, seeing how Matty Turnover has 12 ints this year and Stanzi has zero, I would say Stanzi is not worse.  So what do we have to lose by playing Stanzi?  Another game?  Whoa, stop the press, losing, that’s new!    And how many fumbles does Matty Turnover have this year?  I think its 9.  And would someone please remind me how many fumbles Stanzi has this year?  At least if Stanzi was to start, we could see what the kid has, or doesn’t have.

I have a theory on why Matty Turnover is starting Sunday.  Crennel is already fired, the season just hasn’t ended yet to make it official.  Crennel KNOWS the best chance at getting the Chiefs the #1 pick next April is by starting Matty Turnover.  Crennel wants to make sure that even though he’s gone at seasons end, that the Chiefs will be set up to get a top QB in the draft.  Think about it.  The ‘what-if’ game here.  What if Stanzi started the final 7 games and won 4 of those?  Chiefs go 5-11 on the year.  That could drop KC back to pick 9 or 10 in the draft.  Then, by that time the desired QB may be gone.  As much as I dislike Matty Turnover wearing a Chiefs jersey, he is the optimal choice to lose the rest of the games this season.  So maybe Crennel is thinking ahead by playing Matty.  A conspiracy theory?  Maybe.  But maybe not.

I would like to think that Crennel would like to leave the Chiefs in the best position at seasons end to get that top draft pick.  I am tired as anyone else watching Matty turn the ball over.  Frustrated at his ineptitude.  Frustrated that he won’t return part of that $60 million as an admission of failure on his part.  In all fairness, he hasn’t earned 85% of that money.  Earning should be related to a mans level of play.  And Matty has failed.

So on a parting note, I would like Romeo to explain his decision on why Matty should start.  And if he says Matty gives us the best chance to win, then I would have to ask Romeo  what Chiefs games has he been watching this year.    It’s already a proven statistic and fact that Matty does not give the Chiefs any chance of winning.  So fans, share your opinion on why you think Romeo is starting Matty Turnover.

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“Matt Cassel is not a Pro-Bowl QB, he was a substitute player, filling in for 2010 Pro-Bowler Tom Brady, who sat out due to injury.” – Chris Atkins 2012


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