Breaking Down: Matt Cassel


Just when we thought we saw it all from Matt Cassel last Monday night against the Steelers, he impresses; or fails us, once again on a Sunday afternoon, showing the inability to move the ball down the field.   This write will focus on the strengths and weaknesses of Chiefs QB Matt Cassel.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and the good old fashioned truth.  People who know me, know I am not a fan of Matty Turnover, on the field, or off the field.  Honestly, I don’t care what he does in the community.  This is about football.  Not goodwill or human spirit.

Let’s take a look at his strengths:

Matty has shown us what being a leader is all about.  He works hard during practice on the field, and just as hard when watching tape in an attempt to improve his game.  He goes out every Sunday and gives it his all.  Even if the Chiefs don’t win, Matty plays every game with the expectation of winning.  Thanks for being a good leader Matty.

He is also not a quitter.  He’s a fighter, and continues to play even in the face of adversity or a blowout, he keeps plugging ahead.  Thanks for always giving 100% Matty.

Now let’s take a look at his weaknesses as a QB:

Matty has below average arm strength.  Therefore playing the long ball is not an option for the Chiefs offense.  A man once said that if Matty had any less zip on the ball, it would fall from his hand to the ground.  I laughed.  So true.

Matty is very inaccurate, irregardless of where the intended target is.  Whether it be a short screen, a 10-yard route over the middle or a post pattern 20+ yards up the field, the man cannot hit a moving or standing target with any precision.  Passes are constantly over-thrown, under-thrown, or just badly thrown.  Matty throws a lot of flailing ducks.   I wonder if the strength/conditioning coach has ever had or recommended Matty curl some dumbells to increase his arm strength over the years.  My guess would be no.

Reading defenses also is not his strong suit.  He cannot decipher a blitz, a zone coverage, or even man coverage.  He looks so clueless out there when trying to check down receivers, that I believe he has actually given up on the check down and has his target predetermined once the huddle breaks.  Thus leading to forced passes, interceptions, and holding the ball too long, and making bad passing decisions.

I also believe he lacks the necessary intelligence to be a successful QB.  I’m not saying he is a dumb guy in general (I believe he is relatively smart), but on the football field he is a stupid man.  He shows absolutely no football intelligence.  Displays zero IQ.  Thus, the upper portion of reading a defense also falls into this category.

His throwing motion takes too long.

His footwork isn’t great, maybe average at best.  He doesn’t turn his shoulders or put his lead throwing foot forward enough during his motions.  This also translates into lack of velocity (arm strength is also a reason), and bad ball placement (accuracy).  I’m no expert, but this is what I see.

He stares down his intended target.  Makes very few attempts to fool the defense by using pump fakes.

He is a statue in the pocket.  Not mobile at all.  Matty’s top speed is nonexistent.  A turtle would take the Pepsi challenge for a footrace against Matty.   And, indeed if Matty does have a speed, I would compare it to ‘reverse’, in terms of gears.  Two gears, neutral and reverse.  Very immobile.

This section will describe the bad:

Everything he does on the football field is bad.  His throws.  His reads.  His pocket awareness.  His ability to move the ball down the field through the air.  His play execution.  Everything about him on the field is bad.

If you watched Sundays game against the Bengals you would have seen it.  Matty Turnover, riding the bench in the second half.  Sulking.  In his own self-misery.  His own little pity party.  Not a good look for him.  And it’s not the first time this year he has displayed that poor baby attitude to himself while sitting on the sidelines.

The cons outweigh the pros on Matty Turnover.

The truth:

Matty Turnover gives the Chiefs zero chance to win.  Its been proven week after week.  No doubt about it.  I’m not saying Quinn or Stanzi do.  This isn’t about either of them.  This is about Matty TurnoverMatty had a decent year, not elite, but decent year in 2010.  Good year.  But since then, he has been in constant regression.  Anyone can be a one or two hit wonder, and I believe Matty was just that.  Granted he was out part of 2011 due to injury, he still wasn’t impressive when he did play.  This year has been a nightmare for him.  Put together his last these two years, and it’s evident.  Matty Turnover lacks the skill set necessary to be a competitive starting QB in the NFL.  I wouldn’t even call him a quality backup.  He plays like a third stringer.  His stats prove that.    Even a backup shouldn’t play as bad as he has.

My final note is that Matty Turnover should be cut ASAP at seasons end.  He has nothing to offer the team.  Ideas?  No thanks Matty.  Intelligence on the field?  You don’t have it Matty, but thanks anyway.  A mentor?  In your dreams Matty.  Anybody with common sense would look at Matty Turnover and see he has no value other than a third string position.  It not fair to him, because he really is a great guy off the field.  But football is played on a field.  And its not a personality game.  It’s a skill game.


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“Matt Cassel is not a Pro-Bowl QB, he was a substitute player, filling in for 2010 Pro-Bowler Tom Brady, who sat out due to injury.” – Chris Atkins 2012



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