The Stench at Arrowhead is Overwhelming


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 I want to thank Craig and those at Fans Turn for giving me the opportunity to write for  I look forward to working with them and everyone at Chiefs360 so we can help build a place for Chiefs fans to get news, opinions and more.  Without further ado, let’s begin shall we?              -06Moffet

For a season that looked as if it couldn’t get any worse, the Kansas City Chiefs found several new ways to add to the already historical sadness they call the 2012 season.

With confusion earlier in the week as to who the starting QB would be, many were left wondering (Romeo Crennel himself included) as to who actually WOULD start the game. Brady Quinn had finally been cleared for contact after suffering a concussion against the Raiders, but Matt Cassel led the team out onto the field. (I only say he led them onto the field because, well, lets face it, he can’t lead them in any other way, shape, or form).

After an opening drive that seemed to show a little spark, the Chiefs went up 3-0. Don’t get excited, that lead wouldn’t last long and it would be the only lead they would have all game (SURPRISE). On the Bengals ensuing drive, on a fourth down, they ran a fake punt run for a 32 yard gain. This is the point of the game (still 1st QTR) that the Chiefs’ decided they were done and ready to slink back into the suck that has become the norm this season.

During one play on offense, Jamaal Charles was lined up behind the ever-so awesome Matt Cassel for what was clearly a run play. When Cassel snapped the ball, he must have forgot exactly where Charles was located because he turned in the opposite direction to hand the ball off!

Now, if we have invisible players playing on this team and are STILL this bad, Hunt should dissolve the franchise, because if we can’t even cheat and win by utilizing the supernatural…then what are we doing exactly?

On top of getting thrown around and playing at such a level of stink that even the porta potties were embarrassed, it seemed as if every time a decent, and I mean DECENT play was made by a Chiefs player…he had to run his mouth to whoever he made the play on.
Really? Your team is 1-8 heading towards its ninth loss, and you are talking smack? Really? If half these players ran their LEGS as much as they ran their MOUTHS, they might actually be able to make a play or two (that’s if Cassel or Hillis doesn’t fumble it first).


I’m disgusted. Fans are disgusted. The word DISGUSTED is disgusted. It’s almost to the point that if you were to start a petition to change the definition of the word HORRENDOUS in the dictionary to just say : Kansas City Chiefs, it could be accomplished. Well deserved too!

Lets look at some stats from Sundays games shall we?

Based on numbers from ROOKIE QB’s around the league, their stats are as follows: (turnovers are irrelevant here, we all know Cassel is king in that category)

Robert Griffin III: 14/15 for 200 yards and 4 TD

Andrew Luck: 27/50 for 334 yards and 2 TD

Ryan Tannehill: 14/28 for 141 yards and 1 TD

Brandon Weeden: 20/35 for 210 yards and 2 TD

I wont list them all, this should be enough….so look at the completions to attempts numbers, the yards and touchdowns of the four rookies above. Now look at the following stat:

Cassel and Quinn COMBINED went 17-of-30 for 188 yards and 0 TD.

Yep. You’re reading that correctly. Two veteran quarterbacks were more horrible together than 4 rookie QB’s alone. Think about that for a moment.

Its comical. It really is.

Now one could argue that they had more yards thrown than Mr. Tannehill. Sure. They did. However, Ryan at least had a touchdown. Neither Chiefs QB could get into the end zone. Not. Once.

So together the collective fan base lets one unanimous sigh.

There sure was a lot of black at the game. For anyone who claims they didn’t see much or there wasn’t any…get ahold of me, I know a few good places around here to have your eyes examined.

Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

This fan base is furious. Furious isnt even the right word for it really. Pioli doesn’t care what the fans think, that’s obvious, and its starting to become clear that Mr. Hunt doesn’t care how the fans feel either. Unless Clark makes some drastic moves soon, and I mean soon soon, not soon as in 6 weeks away….this fan base is going to make 1 Arrowhead Drive look like the result of a Mayan calendar prediction.

Not pretty if you ask me.

They have every reason to be upset. These personnel, players, owners, vendors, water-boys and wrapper-picker-uppers (lookin’ at you Scotty!) wouldnt make their money without the fans. Sure, the franchise makes its bucks from television contracts and whatnot, but come on now. That Chiefs gear, apparel, and all things associated with the Chiefs that the fans can purchase, goes towards paying for this disgusting product on the field and in the management offices.

Now whether you supported the Blackout movement or not, it doesnt really matter. Enough people did that a statement was made. I expected to see quite a bit of black, but NOTHING compared to the amount I actually did see. It was everywhere. From “Blackout Arrowhead” shirts to painted faces, to paper bags on heads to signs calling for Pioli’s firing printed in black. The color black was clearly abundant throughout Arrowhead. As well as plenty of empty seats. Save Our Chiefs was out to prove that they arent just a few people trying to take on the personna of many.

They proved it. Save Our Chiefs are many taking on the personna of many.

Theres no denying it. Mr. Pioli needs to understand his days are numbered, and whether Clark Hunt is ready to come to grips with that reality or not, is left to be determined, but I am guessing just by sheer numbers of blackout supporters I personally saw, there is a majority that would gladly open the door to show him (and the Patriot Way) out.

In the end, we all want the same thing. A winning team. A competitive team. A team that plays with heart, with discipline, with passion. Its depressing, so depressing that while watching the game with friends, one leaned in and said “they should put a different game on the jumbo-tron so we can actually watch a game worth watching”. How sad is that? How sad is it that a Chiefs fan would rather watch a different NFL game from within Arrowhead Stadium?

However, Pioli and Cassel aren’t the only ones to blame.

Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

While I have written about the horror story that is Pioli and Cassel and well, the Chiefs in general, allow me to sum up the failure they have as a defensive coordinator -turned- head coach.

The score was 28-6. There was 0:35 remaining in the 4th QTR. Chiefs had the ball deep in their own territory. Romeo Crennel called a timeout with 35 seconds left in the game.

Um. Yeah……Why?

Did Romeo not get the memo that this team was LOSING? I dont mean just losing, they didnt even SHOW UP. The idea to call a timeout with that amount of time left, being down by that many points is about as stupid as spending ten thousand dollars on a flippin’ Twinkie (Although I suppose in this case, the Twinkie would atleast be rewarding and satisfying).

Do you think its possible to score 22 points in that amount of time to force an OT? Get real. Then, to add to the idiocy of it all, they gave the ball to Shaun Draugh on an inside handoff.

I laughed. Not only did I laugh but those few remaining in the stadium laughed as well.

Its sad but hilarious. All we can really do at this point IS laugh. I don’t mean laugh because its funny in a sense of being on purpose. I mean laugh because this team is so bad, its all you can do. Fans are emotionally invested in this team, and when a person feels down, depressed, sad, or any other form of emotional low, the only way to make it better is to laugh.

Im with you fans, I want Pioli gone too. I want Clark Hunt to step up and regain control of this team. We need to do this the Chiefs Way.

Not the Patriot Way.
Not the Browns Way.
Not even the Milky Way.

The Chiefs Way is how it began, and that my friends…is where it should end.



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