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Do you ever catch yourself reminiscing of days long past? Or wonder what it would be like to go back in time and experience something you may have missed out on?

Everyone does. Whether we dream to re-live moments from our own past or yearn to experience the past dealings of others. One thing is certain, there is always a time from which we can each draw our own power, motivation, and hope for things to come by focusing on things that have already been.

The current state of the Kansas City Chiefs is certainly but a shadow of its former self. A shell of the greatness it once was. A home turf that was lauded as the loudest stadium in the NFL. So loud, in fact, that visiting teams dreaded playing within’ its concrete walls.

Then there were the fans.

They are the very reason that the sound was once recorded inside Arrowhead to exceed 120 decibels (equally compared to that of a jet engine). If visiting teams thought the Chiefs were ferocious ( which they were, very much so) then to couple that with the deafening sound of the eighty-thousand fans in attendance, had to be intimidating.

Sports Illustrated has said that due to the sheer volume of the fanbase at Arrowhead, it was difficult to beat a bad Chiefs team, and impossible to beat a good Chiefs team.

However, as we all know. Things have changed since the glory days of long ago. The Chiefs currently hold a record of 1-9 and sit dead-last in the AFC West division. A team picked by many to be a top contender in the division as well as a sleeper pick for the playoffs, have fallen flat and are hovering on the edge of the abyss with no clear way out. It is due to this current state of the team that has led many fans to focus their attention and support on a group called Save Our Chiefs.

Save Our Chiefs is the group responsible for organizing the “Blackout Arrowhead” movement last weekend during the Chiefs home game against the Cincinnati Bengals. An effort that encouraged Chief fans to wear black to the game to symbolize a fan base in mourning over a franchise that has hit rock-bottom. In fact, this franchise has sunk so low, they are probably underneath the rocks by now.

Recently, I was able to ask Save Our Chiefs co-founder Eric Grannell about the Blackout as well as other things concerning the future of Save Our Chiefs.

Please read below:


  • What influenced you to start Save Our Chiefs?

 The loss against San Diego was the final straw for me.  Initially the banners were going to be a one and done thing.  It was all the support from the fans that drove this from the very beginning.  Everything from receiving over 2k in donations within hours of the thread being started on to 10-15k people showing up in black against the Bengals has kept it moving forward.
  • What kind of support have you received? Any negativity?

 We have received support from a HUGE number of people.  We are up over 80,000 followers on Twitter and expect to reach 15,000 “likes” on Facebook later today.  There has been some negativity such as people being upset that it took place on military appreciation day or that we aren’t really accomplishing anything.   As to military day… one had nothing to do with the other.  As for the latter… CBS taking the time to talk about us on T.V. means we made a big enough impression to be mentioned.  Local media like NBC41, Fescoe, Mellinger, & Covitz (among others) have been amazing to work with.  Without the local media, we likely would not have been near as successful.
  • Has Save Our Chiefs received any support from fans of other NFL teams? 

 There have been messages on both Facebook and Twitter from fans of other teams telling us to keep it up and how they feel bad for us. lol
  • How do you feel the “Blackout Arrowhead” movement went on Sunday?

 The blackout went way better than we could have dreamed of.  We received such positive feedback that by popular demand… the Blackout will continue for the rest of the season.
  • Now that the Blackout is over, does Save Our Chiefs have any plans for the rest of the season?  Any more banners?

 Yes, we will be flying more banners and the Blackout will continue.
  • What has to happen within the Chiefs’ franchise for Save Our Chiefs to stop protesting?

 Scott Pioli must be fired.
  • If you -as the person in charge of Save Our Chiefs -were to make a statement to the players on the field, what would it say?  Because there is speculation that SOC doesn’t support the players. 

We absolutely support the players.  That is why we have stated multiple times that we will not encourage people to not attend the games.  Our anger is with the front office.  There are 52 guys on the field that have our complete and total support.  There are a ridiculously talented core group of players who are being wasted and misused by the people both in the front office as well as the sideline.  It isn’t Bowe’s fault that many of the passes thrown his way this season were high and behind him.  It isn’t Charles’s fault that his head coach has no idea why he only ran the ball 5 times in a whole game.  It isn’t Albert’s fault that Cassel holds onto the ball for a lifetime.  It isn’t the offense’s fault that they are being coached by a man who, seemingly, was hired based on the fact that he has ties to the Parcells tree… because it sure isn’t his resume’.  On the defensive side of the ball, we have 3 legit leaders in DJ, Flowers, and Hali.  Houston is emerging and Berry doesn’t look 100% like he did before the injury but he looks to become a KC staple.
The talent is there… it is only missing direction and leadership.
  • When it comes to professional sporting, how much do you think fans can affect the decisions made within an organization?

Who knows? Fans revolting for change has happened many times including in Kansas City.  The fan revolt in Kansas City led to Carl Peterson being hired and having a heck of a run in the early 90s.  That said, we realize that as fans we have no actual say since we hold no official title in the organization.  The point of a protest is not to state your demands and expect change.  It is to ask for help from the other side of the wall and hope that someone over there cares enough to do something about it.
  • Final Question: What do you say to those claiming Save Our Chiefs is a minority?

Does that look like a minority?

I want to thank Eric for his time and wish him and the rest of Save Our Chiefs the best for whatever they may have planned for the future.


So there you have it.  Fans are tired.  Tired of having a down-trodden team on the field every Sunday.  Tired of going to a stadium that seriously lacks the grandeur it once was.  Fans want change, and the people at Save Our Chiefs are the perfect example of those who are ready to restore the glory of the Chiefs franchise that many have forgotten.

That task rests on Clark Hunt’s shoulders.

We’re waiting Clark…can you restore the glory this franchise once was or are you going to let a General Manager by the name of Scott Pioli make Chiefs fans forever live in dreams of a franchise that “used to be”?

Save Our Chiefs also has an online petition directed towards Ending the Blackout and Restoring Red to Arrowhead.  If you would like to sign this petition to fire Scott Pioli and hopefully send a message to Clark Hunt, please follow the link below.

Save Our Chiefs Petition

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