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First things first. Everyone needs to stop downplaying the Chiefs’ loss because of who they were playing. Winning is winning and losing is losing. I don’t care if its by 1 point or 10,000 points. If you don’t win, you lose. That’s it. The end.

I am going to try to keep this one short, because if you are a Chiefs fan such as I am, you dont want to re-live the events of yesterday. So we’ll
quickly jump in.

Manning and the Broncos came into Arrowhead as the pre-determined winners according to anyone who knows anything about the NFL. The Chiefs were double digit underdogs at home. At Home! I mean. Really? That’s just sad. (They did lose 17-9)

So, the Chiefs defense played fairly well. They went after Manning plenty during the course of the game. Tyson Jackson got a hit on him that even caused some concern on the Denver sideline (was given a concussion test etc, all negative) but yeah, did you see that offense?

What offense you ask? Well I am talking about the Patriots offense of course. Who did you think I was talking about?

The Chiefs?

Do the Chiefs have an offense?

I mean, I understand you must have guys on the field when its your team’s turn with the ball but calling this group of guys an offense is about as big of a joke as say, hiring Matt Cassel as your quarterbacks’ coach.

Its absurd.

Now I don’t want to take away from Jamaal Charles because he is without a doubt the only productive one on this “offense”.
He’s good. Its a shame he is all alone.

Do I need to say anything about the sadness that befalls every fan when they see the product that makes up the Kansas City Chiefs offensive players? No? Okay, let me leave you with one really, really sad tidbit.

Up to this point, Ryan Succop has scored a total of 81 points this season. Not fantasy points. Real. Game. Points.

The rest of the “offense” combined?
80 points.

Your flippin’ KICKER is the highest scorer on your team and you Mr. Romeo Crennel want to sit there in that post-game press conference and tell me and the rest of us who give a crap about this waste of a team that the “offense” played well?!


Unless this horrid coach is talking about the Patriots offense, the Giants offense or heck, even the Redskins’ offense. I don’t want to hear about how “good” they did.
They arent “good”. Weren’t. Aren’t. Won’t be.

This team needs help. Major help. Someone needs to call in the National Guard and deem Arrowhead Stadium a disaster zone.

When your kicker is the highest scorer on your team, things need to change. A whole lot of things need to change. Washed away. This is way out of hand.

It’s like a tsunami wave of suck has obliterated what used to be a great place to spend our weekends. Arrowhead is taking on water from Hurricane Pioli, and if Clark Hunt doesn’t see the damage that has been caused, many are going to be displaced and finding a new team to cheer on.

When faced with a fourth down on the Bronco 4 yd. line, Romeo called a timeout.

Okay, makes sense so you can decide which play to run.

So he sends out the field goal unit.


How are you going to beat Peyton Manning by kicking Field Goals?! I can see it if Succop can kick 90+ yard field goals but GET. REAL!

Romeo Crennel is a joke. Brian Daboll the offensive coordinator is another joke. This team is full of jokes. In fact, instead of working on their “offense” during practice each week, mayhaps they should perfect their butter to popcorn ratio so they CAN BETTER SERVE THE FANS ATTENDING THIS CIRCUS!!!

It’s sick. I feel sorry for you if you are a fan. I feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for those who live and die with the Chiefs (because we’re living and dying quite miserably). I am so disgusted with the abomination that has become this team.

I could ramble on and on about Sundays loss. I wont. I am afraid if I get anymore frustrated by this sick situation I find myself in as a fan, that I may lose my mind and begin wandering aimlessly around with no real sense of whats going on around me.

Hey, atleast maybe then the Chiefs could recruit me to be on their offense…


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