The Power of One: A Letter To Clark Hunt


Dear Mr. Hunt,

I am writing you today, on behalf of myself, and thousands of other Chiefs fans.  I’m not very good at writing letters, or writing in general, so I’ll get straight to the point.

Our beloved football team needs some major changes during the off season.  I have some ideas which I will share with you later.  But first, lets talk about the obvious.  The Kansas City Chiefs are the 90’s version of the Lions and Bengals.  A joke.  The laughingstock of professional sports.  With a record of one win and ten losses, how can we as fans, and you as the owner/chairman, expect anyone to take us seriously?  You are the one man with all the power in this organization.  The top dog, the head honcho, you are the Ringling Bros. of this circus. You have the Power of One.  And with this power comes great responsibility.

I do not believe you are a dumb man.  In fact, I do believe you are very smart.  Right now, every fan is trusting you to make the right decision when the final whistle blows at the end of the season.  I’m not going to tell you what the right decision is, because I believe you know.  This is not an opinion.  This is a fact.  A record that speaks for itself.  The right decision is easy to make.  Not difficult, and I believe you began to take notice of this upcoming right  decision many weeks ago.  However, it must be a hand-in-hand scenario.  You cannot part with one, without the other.  The marriage between the two must be ended on their own accord, not yours.  Therefore it must be a hand-in-hand departure.  You are new at this, so I will stick with you Mr. Hunt, believing we will be better off going into next year.  I will leave you with my thoughts as a fan, on what our current troubles are.

The major changes that are obvious start with the current GM.  He is the GM, whom I shall take a vow to never name his name again, whom is the ringleader responsible for this circus.  I understand.  The nameless one was revered as the best man for the job at the time.  He came from a Superbowl team.  He had success.  But he also had Robert Kraft, Bill Belichik, and Tom Brady.  Whom are responsible for probably 90% the New England success.  The nameless one is not a mastermind player personnel guy.  His New England Way is still in New England.  And it never was his way.  This is Kansas City!  This is my Sparta!  The Chiefs way is whats works in KC. We have a 22 – 38 record under his reign.  Like the reign of Moammar Gadhafi, we are dying.  The front office staff is treated unfairly and deserves better.  It needs to end.  Please.

Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

Romeo Crennel.  The man is too nice.  Too soft.  Like room temperature butter soft.  I like the man as a DC, but he cannot coach a football team.  His record as an NFL head coach speaks for itself.  He must be replaced.

Brian Daboll.  Good Lord.  ‘Duh-Ball’.  Put him and Cassel head to head on Madden, and the game would end in a tie.  0 – 0.  This guy is the least smart of the 32 OC in the NFL.  Remember this play?  Yeah, that’s the mastermind behind our offense.  The guy that gives our superstar RB five carries in a game.

Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

Matt Cassel is the worst starting QB in the NFL.  He couldn’t lead a TD drive in Madden playing on Rookie difficulty.  All you have to do is look at his stats over the past 4 years and the evidence stands alone about what needs to be done with him.  Just look at his most current stats for this year.  A nightmare.  That man belongs somewhere else.  Not KC.  He is undeserving of wearing red and gold.

I would throw Brady Quinn Quinn in the fire, but lets be fair. Cassel has 20 turnovers this year, and Quinn has played two full games.  So kicking Quinn down the pit of death would be unjust right now.  I’ll wait for him to turn the ball over 20 times before I make that decision.

Besides a couple weak links on the offense line, we are a sound football team.  Mr. Hunt, this team is a GM, HC, OC, and QB away from the playoffs.  The most glaring holes in the entire organization are typed up right here.  But you are the one with the power.  I have faith that you will make the right decision when time comes.

Please, I don’t want to have to write you another letter next November questioning your intelligence.  Use your resources, do some research.  Do it right this time.  Be patient.  Don’t be eager.  Look for humbleness.

I love this team.  KC is my hometown.  Help bring football glory back.  A Superbowl would be great, but I think the majority of us fans would just like a winning team at this point.   I would love to be the next GM.  I would take pride.  I would pick up the candy wrapping and keep it to myself.  I’m a down to earth guy that’s been watching Chiefs football for 20+ years.  I may be a computer nerd off the streets with no professional football background, but let me be clear, I’m no dummy.  I can figure out what works in KC to win football games.  We miss winning.  We miss the deafening roar of the crowd at Arrowhead.   We miss the Arrowhead advantage.

Lifelong fan,

Christopher S. Atkins


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“Matt Cassel is not a Pro-Bowl QB, he was a substitute player, filling in for 2010 Pro-Bowler Tom Brady, who sat out due to injury.” – Chris Atkins 2012



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