From FansTurn and Chiefs360: Our Prayer and Blessing


On behalf on Chiefs360, Brandon Moffet, and myself, we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and teammates of Javon Belcher.  Such a great athlete and man, whose time on this earth was taken too soon, yet now he shall be watched over by the Lord.  Amidst this tragedy, Javon is in a better place with our Holy Father.  We shall pray for those affected by his passing, and pray for those who indirectly weren’t.  May the Lord watch over you Javon, and may you rest in peace.

To the family of the victim, we also shall pray for you.  May your loss be comforted with the knowing that Kasandra Perkins will be protected by the Lord in his Kingdom.  She too, has moved on to a better place.

Nothing anyone can say or do, will make the pain any easier for the loss of either of these two young souls.  May the Lord watch over them, protect, and show them the way of love in Heaven.

So before the day is over, will everyone please take a few minutes of your time and say a prayer for the families?  I know I will.

God bless.




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