The Chiefs As One, And A Poll


Sunday after our beloved Chiefs came together as one, and put the Carolina Panthers back on their team plane with another notch in the L column.

A great game that was long overdue. I was happy to see Quinn throw for 200+ with 2 TDs, and get the win. Of course Charles did the Jamaal Charles thing and ran his ass off. Great performance by the O-line and good effort by the defense. Hats off to you this morning Kansas City Chiefs! Great game!

I’m not a fan of Scott Pioli, so I’m going to get to the point. As players and personnel were arriving at the Arrowhead yesterday morning, reports came in that Pioli was waving to fans when he arrived. He was also seen walking the sidelines before the game.

With the media coverage of the tragic events that occurred over the weekend, my first thoughts are prayers for everyone affected. My second thought is, by God, please don’t let sympathy creep in for Scott Pioli as Chiefs GM. I still want him fired.

Many may have different feelings. Many may think, during this time of grieving, that Pioli deserves another year. Do the events of this weekend, provide a bargaining chip for him to retain his job at season end?

I know that AP conducts monthly performance polls for the GM. This however, is a new poll with never before experienced circumstances. Will these current events make anyone feel differently about Scott Pioli?

The poll is at

Go Chiefs!!!


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