From Fan to Owner – Sound off!


In a world full of reality television and runway model contests. Groups of people living in one house so long none of them can stand each other after a week. Single men and women entertaining groups of the opposite sex with hopes to find “the one”.

I sat here thinking, if all of these ideas can become popular enough to draw the crowds they do, why can’t I dream?

I mean. We all dream. I dream. You dream. Dogs dream. Dolphins dream (do they sleep?…um…I might have to look that up).
My point is, if a girl can dream about finding the “right guy” from a group of rich bachelors, and Brittany Spears can be a judge of someone else’s singing talent. That means I can dream too.

So this is where I ask you, the reader, to assume the role of Owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. You are now Mr. Hunt. You do what you want. You are the boss. What you say-goes.

In the comment section below, please tell us what you would do if you were to suddenly be in Clark Hunt’s shoes. Be specific as to what changes you would make and where.

Younger eyes do read these articles, so please try to keep your replies as clean as you can.


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