A Kansas City Chiefs Fan Christmas Wishlist


Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy this year.  I am extremely excited for Christmas.  I am a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan and have a Christmas wishlist for you Santa.  I am not asking for anything directly for me, I am asking for a few things that you can give to all of us in Chiefs Nation.  I will keep this list very simple.  I think the San Diego Chargers fans asked you for something similiar because I see reports that the Chargers GM and Head Coach will be leaving the organization after the season.

Here’s my wishlist Santa.

1.  Please bring the Chiefs a new, competent, and intelligent General Manager.

2.  Please bring us a Quarterback (preferably a fresh, new one, via 2013 NFL Draft).

3.  Please bring Mr. Clark Hunt some courage.  I fear Mr. Hunt may lack this, and it is very important for him as the owner to have this.

4.  Please bring Matt Cassel the waiver paperwork (I’m not sure if he gets any paperwork in regards to that).  Or bring him a new team, which will be a great gift for us Chiefs fans.

5.  My last request, please bring us a winning season next year.

6.  Almost forgot this one.  Please bring us a great new Offensive Coordinator also.

I  understand that most of these wishes cannot be fulfilled till probably February or March next year, however, the wait will be worth it. They joy and excitement of a Chiefs fan will be indescribable if you can bring us even half of what I am asking for.  There will be no joy greater than seeing a new GM and QB.  I think those two are the highest, and most important on this wishlist.

Thank you Santa!

Have a safe flight this Christmas Santa, and be safe once you get to town.


A good Chiefs fan,

Christopher S. Atkins


P.S. – Tell Mrs. Claus “Hello” for me, and hope she is doing well.


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