Disappointment Returns to Kansas City


A week after the tragic events in Kansas City, the Chiefs traveled to Cleveland to take on the Browns.

During their game against the Panthers the Chiefs emotions were running full-steam ahead. However, the Chiefs emotional tank seemed to have run out of gas against the Browns. After Jamaal Charles broke an 80-yard touchdown run on the very first play of the game, I will admit, I was excited and hopeful this game could easily be notched as a win for the Chiefs.

I will also admit, that like most things I try to guess or predict, or foresee-I was wrong. Way. Way. Wrong.

After a missed 27-yard field goal, the Chiefs seemed to just give up. The Browns defense also commenced the sacking of Brady Quinn. I mean they had him on the ground so many times I was certain he would just stay there to make it easier for them the next time. The Chiefs defense couldn’t stop anything in the second half. Trent Richardson and company marched their way down the field on the opening drive of the third quarter seemingly unchecked. The Chiefs ended up losing this one 30-7.

Yep. They lost by 23 points to the Browns.
The Cleveland Browns!

Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

Does anyone see anything wrong with this?! Hello! We have their coaching staff AND part of their former team! Do we not know how to stop them?! Romeo, you coached these guys before and you let them walk all over your team on Sunday. I don’t want to talk about it as if the Browns are a really good team. They aren’t. The Chiefs are just worse.

It’s so very sad. Brady Quinn went from being the AFC Player of the Week to a quarterback who isn’t sure whether to throw the ball to his teammates or just lie down in the grass. It’s sickening and disgusting. Dwayne Bowe hurt his ribs and left the game to not return. Dexter McCluster took a hit so hard I am certain I felt it from my couch. Peyton Hillis was boo’ed every time he took the field (Browns fans aren’t fond of him), but at least he didn’t fumble the ball this game. Tamba Hali had a couple nice sacks but the defense was otherwise non-existent.

The emotional drain the fans experience when they watch this Chiefs team is unprecedented I’m sure. When the Chiefs allowed a 93-yard punt return for touchdown, I was certain they had tossed in the towel.

With three games left to go, I have no hope for the remainder of the season but I will try to keep pointing out the positives I can find in my pregame articles. I just don’t know if there are many left. They rode their emotions to a great win last week and then slinked back into their seasonal suck in the loss to the Browns.

Its disappointing. Disappointing probably isn’t the right word for it, demoralizing maybe but at this point it doesn’t matter. What is certain is that many changes need to occur in the off-season this year. If Clark Hunt wants a winning product on the field that is competitive and shows discipline, he will make changes. If he doesn’t, no changes are needed.

A 30-7 blowout against one of the worst teams in the league is a joke. As a matter of fact, the Chiefs should re-organize into a golf organization. At least then, with the lowest numerical score, they’d win some match-ups.

Hang in there Chiefs Nation. The offseason does approach and with it, changes to turn this team around (I hope).

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