Another Pioli Contract Extension Rumor?


Hello Chiefs Nation.  Recently I have come across this tweet as to the before mentioned rumor of Scott Pioli getting a contract extension.  Since the Chiefs organization doesn’t talk about contracts publicly, we only have this newest rumor to go on.

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How does this make you feel Chiefs Nation?  As this is only speculation, and Clark Hunt, nor Scott Pioli have acknowledged a contract extension.  We can only hope it is a rumor.

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I have done some research on this Hub Arkush.  Click here to find out more.

I would go as far as saying this is a reliable source.  But the question is how does he know?  Did he speak with Scott?  Did someone else tell Hub?  Questions, questions.  And fans want the answers.  Keep waiting folks.

Many are hoping this rumor is untrue, and if Pioli stays, it may be safe to say, this is no rumor.  Stay faithful and diligent fellow Chiefs fans.  Our time is coming.


Go Chiefs!!!


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