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Hello Chiefs Nation and Happy Red Friday!

Every day that passes we are one day closer to April, and one day closer to getting that nice new, high performance, low cost, QBoTF (Quarterback of The Future).  Amongst all the fans in Chiefs Nation many have their own personal opinion on which college stud QB the Chiefs should take in the first round.  And some others feel that taking a QB in the first round is dumb.  We won’t get into that, because I couldn’t think that irrationally if I tried.  Whether you like Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, Matt Barkley, or Mike Glennon, one thing is for sure, all these guys will probably be gone by the end of the first round.  So if the Chiefs have the opportunity to nab one of these guys in the 1st round, they better take it.

The Bleacher Report has a new article.  It focuses on the Kansas Chiefs and why Geno Smith would solve the problems.

If your are interested in reading about how Geno Smith would solve all of the Chiefs problems, click here.  And no, there is no slide show viewing for this article, just a straight up same page post.  I know some people don’t like due to its slide show bonanza, that irritates people.

As a Chiefs fan, I really hope the GM of the Chiefs (whomever it may be, and it is probably Pioli still), takes Geno Smith, Tyler Wilson, or Mike Glennon.  If Geno is available, grab him.  I am on the Geno Smith bandwagon.  Although the Tyler Wilson and Mike Glennon wagons look attractive too, I think Genos’ wagon will have a smoother ride to the playoffs for years to come once he fully develops.  But in the end, I’d be happy with either of those three, bottom line.

Why Geno Smith Would Solve all of the Kansas City Chiefs Problems

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Go Chiefs!!!


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