Chiefs: Making the Bad look Good


Oh Chiefs Nation. All I can do after watching yesterdays horrendous act put on by the Chiefs is shake my head. Just shake my head.

The Chiefs have been hammered all year about being a bad team, or making ridiculous play calls or whatever the case may be. However, this latest loss for the Chiefs has officially claimed the top spot on my list of “Saddest things I have ever witnessed”.

Just a warning for those looking for a sugar-coated version of yesterday’s loss. I wont do it. I am as big of a fan as anyone else, but the misery this team puts its fans through is perposterous. Absurd. Sickening and disgusting.

The Chiefs began the game on defense and it quickly turned into an episode of Keystone Cops. Carson Palmer dropped back for a pass, threw it down center and Brandon Flowers and Jalil Brown smashed smack-dab into each other. They were both shaken up but were otherwise fine. Its comical really, it also makes me wonder if a penalty can be designed for a defender that stops another defender from making a play. Like, defensive defensive play interferance? Then the fans get free chili dogs and pop for having to watch it.

As if the collision of these two guys wasnt enough, the Chiefs got the ball in their own territory (it’s their comfort zone) and decided to pass the ball. Why? Oh you know, cuz your top wide receiver is out, and your second best is sitting on the bench. So Brady Quinn steps back and zings the ball to Devon Wylie who must have been a soccer player in a past life because, why would he use his hands to catch it when he can use his face? Isn’t that what football is? Oh, thats a different country? Well I’ll be.

Are you flippin’ kidding me here people. You have defenders running into each other and wide receivers trying to catch passes with their faces. Can somebody please remove his facemask so he can at least try to snag it with a tooth? Chiefs fans, I am so digusted it makes me sick. I have never witnessed such a pathetic disgrace of effort in my life. Ever.

Oh wait, there’s more. It took the Chiefs 37 minutes of their 60 minute game time TO GET A FIRST DOWN. THIRTY. SEVEN. MINUTES!! They also managed to make it into Oakland territory for the FIRST time with FIVE minutes left in the THIRD quarter. You know that stellar running game the Chiefs possess? Yeah, they had 10 carries for a whopping 10 yards. This team had a total of 119 yards on offense.

I give up trying to figure out the Chiefs game plan. If they even have one. Romeo seems to not care or he would give us an actual response as to why Steve Breaston isn’t playing. Brian Daboll doesnt care or he would have run the ball instead of trying to convince Brady Quinn that he is good enough to throw it. I’m pretty sure the only ones who do care are the fans, and that may be wrong as well. I care about this team, but you have to ask yourself after watching the Chiefs, “why oh why do I give them my time”? Why do I look forward to Sundays to watch the Chiefs play?

The fan base of the Chiefs is the best there is. Die-hard, passionate, supportive and long deserving of a winning team. The team that played yesterday wasnt an NFL team. It was a mockery of an NFL team and for that, they should be fined. Flagged. Benched. Fired.

Your team needs a major overhaul Mr. Hunt. Your fan base deserves it.

Our sanity is in your hands.


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