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Welcome Chiefs Nation!  Brandon and I have worked to bring you fellow Chiefs fans, The Fan Interviews.  Some of the participants are users of Twitter, ArrowheadPride, and maybe another forum or two.  We have reached out to more than half a dozen readers/users, and without them, this would not be possible.  Thank you to everyone that was involved in assisting with this publication of fan opinion, thought, and ideas.

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Many of us not only have physical attachment to this team, but also an emotional attachment.  When the Chiefs lose, some shake their head, some fans break things, and some fans even scream and yell.  Being a Chiefs fan isn’t easy.  Not this year.  No one is alone.  Many of us see the same things on the field.  Many of us feel different choices or actions by management or coaching could have led us to a better win-loss record.

Whats done is done.  The season is all but 2 weeks from being over for us.  Next year holds another year of anticipation and promise.  But in the meantime, check out what some fellow fans have to say.


Q: At 2-12, there are not enough words to describe the frustration of the Chiefs current record.  As a fan, what does a 2-12 record signify to you?

A: To me 2-12 means disappointment, like most I was expecting a much different result from this season. Going in I honestly thought there was a good chance this year for a deep playoff run. It also tells me it’s time to break everything down and really look at what we have and what we thought we had that we didn’t. – Leon

A: A 2-12 record is a complete embarrassment and very frustrating.  Such a proud franchise has been reduced to being the laughing stock of the league. Each week other teams in the NFL circle the date they play the Chiefs for an easy win. – Kevin

A: Coming From a Die Hard Chiefs fan like myself, our current 2-12 record is embarrassing and just depressing for lack of words. I had so much hope for this years team before the season started. I was at training camp daily with great joy knowing this season would be a success. I was by far mistaken. – Dante

A: 2-12 record means nothing has changed. Pioli took over a 2-12 team, 4 years later he has delivered a 2-12 team. This team is beyond disappointing. – Jackie

Q: The QB play has been terrible this year.  Cassel and Quinn are equally failing at being able to move the ball downfield this year.  In your opinion, is this due to the offensive game plan (assuming there is a game plan), or is this just the result of two QB’s whom are not skilled enough, or don’t have the intangibles to be starting Quarterbacks?  Please feel free to elaborate.

A: I think it’s a combination of both, neither QB is very good and neither have a future as a starter in the league. However even a quality QB would struggle with the offensive play calling of Brian Daboll.  Daboll really doesn’t seem to have any type of real idea when it comes to the offense, nor does he have any imagination. Between two QBs who honestly don’t have enough talent to be a starter and an OC who has no clue how to call plays or game plan the offense has no chance. – Leon

A: I don’t think Cassel has the tangibles to be a starting QB.  I wasn’t sure with Quinn and I am still unsure. I think it’s easy to blame the QBs, but looking at them, they both have different skill sets, yet our play calling remains the same.  I think this team is a vicious cycle of bad, the coaches, QB, WRs, all keep feeding this cycle of awful. Charles has done well this season but then look at the amount of touches he got against Oakland, 12, that’s both games. Ridiculous. – Jackie

A: This falls on both Dabol and Pioli.  The lack of skills that these two shows are amazing, you would normally see improvement as the year goes on, but it’s not.  If you are fired from the same position at 2 other places, why the hell should you be given another chance?   Pioli has failed trying to bring the “patriot way” to Kansas City.  He tried to use what was familiar to him without making bold moves with the team.  He seemed to want to show the league that he could do it without Belichek, and it’s failed…miserably! – Jason

Q: It’s obvious that the biggest hole on the offensive side of the ball is the Quarterback position.  Is there any other position on offense that you feel could use an upgrade, or improvement?

A: Center, we have to draft a good solid center this year. – Richard

A: It’s hard to tell if we need other positions on offense. Our play calling is weak, our QB is awful I feel that hampers the ability to evaluate what we have. If Bowe leaves we need a #1 WR. Our o-line has been awful at times, like Sunday, but we are really pieced together there right now. I don’t think we will know exactly what we have until we get a starting caliber QB and some good coaches. – Jackie

A: Wide Receiver, admit it, Baldwin is a bust.  The whole situation with Breaston sucks.  Tackle positions, why not make an attempt to go after Jake Long (Miami) put him at LT, and put Albert at RT?  Tight End needs improvement, plus the Center position needs attention. – Jason

Q: What are your thoughts about the defensive side of the Chiefs?  Holes, weaknesses, anything you think needs improved?

A: We are better off defensively than it would appear to most, our LBs are some of the best in the game and we have one maybe two good corners in Flowers and Arenas. Berry I believe will come back to his old form at safety, however Lewis seems to shy away from contact so I think that will be a place to upgrade. They will also be in need of a right defensive end, Dorsey is a 4-3 DT not a 3-4 DE and Bailey I just don’t see coming along enough to start. Jackson I think needs to be reworked on a more salary friendly deal. – Leon

A: I know a lot of people are not keen on Dorsey, and Jackson. But i feel these guys are guilty by being drafted into the wrong defense. Tyson Jackson has been solid as of late and like Dorsey (outside of the injuries) I feel like these guys would explode in a 4-3 defense. Also CB, we let Brandon Carr go for what reason I have no clue, and don’t say for money for Bowe because we all seen how that played out; so we need to….wait WE HAVE TO get another CB early, like second round early! – Richard

A: Overall, most weeks I think that the Defense holds it’s own.  I think we need more of a pass rush.  The secondary needs to be beefed up as well.  Other than that I believe that the defense simply runs out of gas each week with the lack of production that the offense gives.  When you spend most of the game on defense cause your offense can’t stay on the field, you begin to tire out and give up points.  In the big games, like against Pittsburgh once again the Chiefs defense kept them in the game, and the offense once again let them down. – Kevin

A: I think the defense needs to go back to the 4-3 scheme.  I think doing that would help out the secondary and LBs plus give Tamba and Houston more chances to get to the QB.  After Derrick Johnson who do we have?  Need quality depth!  Secondary needs attention never should have let Brandon Carr Leave. – Jason

Q: Scott Pioli.  Sometimes a touchy subject with Chiefs fans.  As GM, what do you think are his best strengths?  What do you consider to be his weaknesses?  Overall, how do you feel he is doing?

A: As a talent scout he isn’t all that bad, some of his draft picks have played well or at least better than some give them credit for. He can’t pick coaches to save his life though and in the NFL the coaching staff is critical . As far as overall performance, he has done just enough to get him fired. – Leon

A: I struggle to find any strengths in his leadership.  I think his biggest strength was bringing in a top talent like Eric Winston and signing him to a long term deal.  His weaknesses are a laundry list a mile long.  Obviously his biggest bust was bringing in Matt Cassel and watching him week in and week out destroy this once feared franchise.  I think he has done a horrible job scouting out the talent before the draft, making picks that in the long run have not helped the team at all.  I also think that he hasn’t shown enough to the free agents to want them to come here to play aka Peyton Manning.  With one of the largest salary cap cushions in the league, the chiefs should be able to offer max contracts to help improve this team immediately and he hasn’t taken the necessary steps to make this happen.  Over all I think Pioli has ran this franchise into the ground and made them the laughing stock of the league. – Kevin

A: Scott Pioli as the Chiefs GM has been hot and cold. I don’t think many people thought it would turn out how it has. I think Scott’s strengths are linemen, both sides of the ball. He knows how to build the trenches. As for his weakness well his management skills are atrocious, he has alienated fans of a franchise that don’t take much to love their team. He basically broke the bound between the fans and the team and even the players and the fans. He’s cut it all off for no apparent reason. His other biggest weakness is his inability to evaluate talent at key positions mostly at QB. The more I look at his record going back to NE, especially with Brady, it just shows he doesn’t know how to spot it. I know everyone is like what, he got Brady in the 6th?? Obviously this was just dumb luck, not one team had a clue Brady would become what he is. I also look at his handling of the #2 CB position, he let Carr walk in FA, which I was fine with at the time, because I thought it meant we were committed to keeping Bowe long term. Now you look at Carr earning his $50mil in Dallas, winning back to back games for the team and look at our CB situation. We spent $8mil this year on Routt and cut him half way through the season, why even sign him?  We also cut Routt for some B.S. reason, and even if he was a problem, we had Carr who for 4 years kept his head down and played hard every game for us, he was never a cancer or problem guy.  To me the botched QB, WR & CB (easily 3 of our biggest needs right now) are the biggest tells here of how awful Pioli is. – Jackie

Q: The coaching staff and coordinators are the guys the players rely on to help improve the players game/skills, and to devise an effective game plan week to week.  After 14 games, how do you think the game plan can be improved and what would you as a fan, recommend?

A: The only way to fix the game planning at this point is to change coaches, Crennel has no clue what he is doing and seems to have a personal problem with Breaston. When you have no proven WRs on the field and the one proven WR you do have you put inactive that tells me your more worried about your personal stuff than the team. Daboll is just lost when it comes to game planning and play calling that is completely obvious. On defense I think we have turned a corner now that Crennel has turned the job over to Gibbs, I think he has a better understanding of Romeo’s defense than Romeo does at this point. – Leon

A: At times It doesn’t even seem like we have a game plan, but to improve the one we do have I think we just need to balance the running game out with the passing game. the problem is we don’t have QB that could do such thing. Running the ball over and over again makes it easy for the Defense to pick up. If we pick up a passing game not only will it open up the running game more but it will balance out the offense. – Dante

A: The best improvement to our game plan is to fire our coaches. At least our OC & Crennel. Gibbs hasn’t done awful as DC but I would still like a new guy in that position. I don’t think there is a more awful OC than Brian Daboll, he has bounced from team to team and continued to fail. He is just one of those coaches who is at that one position higher than what he should be. I wish he had been fired months ago and his end with the Chiefs can not come fast enough for me. – Jackie

Q: Who gets fired, and who gets hired?  GM, HC, OC, which coaching/coordinators get the pink slip, and who would you like to see them replaced with?

A: All 3 should be fired, I have not decided on who should replace them, get back with me after the season, but if I had to say right now, give control to Bill Cowher. – Derek

A: Clean house; Crennel, Piolli, and Daboll all need to be gone! OK here is what feel would be great.  Andy Reid or John Gruden as HC, and Jay Gruden as OC, and Mike Maccagnan as the GM. – Richard

A: Pioli, RAC, Daboll and Gibbs. probably a few guys will make it back, but not many. I’m not even sure Donovan makes it back, he seems to be severing ties with the KC community too much as well. GM wise of course I like Marc Ross, also Eric DeCosta from Baltimore or Omar Khan from Pittsburg. For coaching I like Chip Kelly (Oregon) or Peter Carmichael (New Orleans). Though this Jay Gruden plus Geno Smith combo sure sounds intriguing. As for coordinators, well I’m not sure I have any preferences but I would like guys here for awhile. Our revolving door at OC & DC has really bothered me. – Jackie

Q: Final question, with the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, who do the Kansas City Chiefs select?  What does this player bring to the offensive or defensive side of the game?  Or do the Chiefs trade back?  Stay the course and select?  You decide.

A: This is the question I am most passionate about, I believe if KC goes in any direction other than Manti Te’o, then they will have failed this fan base, there is not a RG3 nor a Luck and to reach on someone would only put our Chiefs in a worse hole, Manti I believe turns this whole franchise around, brings a true leader of men and fill a top need on D, I can’t say this enough if the Chiefs miss on this guy they will regret it for the next 10 years. – Derek

A: I’m probably in the minority on this one but if it’s me I trade back to the 5-6 range and take Manti Te’o, then with my extra picks I got from the trade I trade back into the first round and go after Mike Glennon. Te’o would bring something to our D that we desperately need which is heart. I think he will be a true leader on and off the field for us which is something we lack badly. I know we need a QB as bad as anything but I don’t think there is a big difference between the top 5 QBs in the draft so moving back into the first and taking Glennon instead of Smith with the first overall won’t hurt us. This I think will help us in two very badly needed positions. – Leon

A: OK 6 weeks ago I wanted Te’o; today I say with the #1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Tyler Wilson QB out of Arkansas. This is a solid QB that will bring out all this talent this team has, great presence in the pocket and able to pick a defense apart and makes defenses pay for costly mistakes. He will make our defense better as well, and how does a QB affect the defense…he put’s points on the board drives more than 3 plays and our defense will ignite and not have to play 45 minutes a game; and return to the late 90’s dominate form. – Richard

A: Geno Smith – QB WV. Team Geno all the way. What a dynamic player who has consistently gotten better each year, stayed accurate and has the arm strength to stretch the field. Geno Smith as the Chiefs starting QB is what keeps me from quitting football all together this year. I am very much against the trade back or pick a top rated defensive guy because Mel kipper or someone says the QBs are not worth the spot we pick. That’s our spot, that’s our need, get the best guy and fill your other needs with the first pick of the rest of the rounds. The Chiefs are sitting in a good position to take care of all the pressing needs in this draft. – Jackie

A: Since there are no real 1st round QBs I would say Lineman or Receiver.  They would bring stability, especially if they lose Bowe.  I would trade down as well, get a QB maybe that is not deserving of top ten pick $$. It all ends up with who is available and what the need is. – Jason


The thought of next year brings about ideas, hopes, and dreams.  A winning season, the playoffs, and the dream of a Super Bowl run.  So many fans see the same glaring issues and holes on both sides of the ball.   We can only hope that the Chiefs organization does their best to address these issues and put together a winner for the next year.  Free agency, the NFL draft, walk-ons, coaching and/or coordinator changes, all these effect the outcome of the final product.  Changes are coming.

Go Chiefs!

If you want to add your ideas, opinions, or thoughts, please feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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