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Hello Chiefs Nation! Hope everyone had a safe and merry Christmas.  Now that we’re rolling into the final week of the Chiefs 2012 season, we can begin to look forward to the off season.  No longer will we have to endure Brady Quinn.

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No longer will we have to look at the face of the QB whom shall not be named (by the way, you should return 80% of that $63 million).  We are ever so close to officially hearing Scott Pioli is fired (the majority believes he will be).  What?  Romeo is fired too?  That was expected.  Daboll, gone?  Good.  He was a horrible OC.  Dustin Colquitt is re-signed?  No?  WHAT?  Changes.  Many need to be made.  But the most important issue at hand, for on the field play is boiling down to this: Is it April yet?  The 2013 NFL Draft.  Which is where we’ll acquire our shiny new QB, hopefully.

Photo by: Jeff Moffett/Icon SMI

It’s heartbreaking being a Chiefs fan isn’t it?  230+ yards rushing by Jamaal Charles and the Chiefs still still lose.  In the same game, Peyton Hillis rushes for 100+ yards, and we lose.  Over 300 yards rushing, and we still cant get a win.  What needs to be done?  Ask me that question, and I can tell you, a lot needs to be done.  We’re talking about a whole replacement of the coaching infrastructure and the GM.  A brand new QB, or three are due as well also.  I mean, the Chiefs held the Colts to 20 points, and we still lost.  Why can we not get a great QB?  Why does KC consistently settle of mediocrity from the QB position year after year?

Many teams have had a great or elite QB for years on end.  Green Bay had Brett Favre, whom eventually went to the Jets, then Vikings and led the Vikings to a 12-4 season in 2009 and a trip to the playoffs.  The NY Giants have Eli Manning.  The Colts had Peyton Manning, who is now destroying opposing defenses for the Denver Donkeys.  New Orleans has Drew Brees.  New England has Tom Brady.  What has KC ever had?  Len Dawson, the great Joe Montana (for 2 short years), and most recently Trent Green.  The aforementioned players have been on their respective team for years upon years, or a previous club for a number of years.

We had Trent Green for 6 years.  He had 5 years with over 3,500 passing yards, and 3 of those 5 years he surpassed 4,000 passing yards.  Trent passed for over 21,000 yards during his 6 year career in KC.  Threw for 118 tds to 85 ints.  He was 48-40 as a starter in KC. That’s a winning QB.  Something neither Brady Quinn nor the other QB guy can do.  I’m not hailing Trent as the ultimate, superstar, elite, clone-his-DNA QB, but he is the most memorable, to me, outside of Joe Montana, to grace a Chiefs uniform.  Sure we had the Bonos, the Kreigs, the Mathews, the Grbacs, even let Rich Gannon slip away.  But for 6 years, Trent showed us what a good QB can be, in the way of on the field performance.  Its due time we get another QB that can play the position at an above average level.

Scrap Quinn, kick the other QB guy either 1,000 miles east or west of KC (just get him as far away as possible), and poor Ricki Stanzi, I’ll be sad to see you go too.  That now leaves 1 QB on the roster.  Alex Tanney, the next Kurt Warner!  Just kidding.  I’d like it to be true.  So assuming Alex Tanney (who is currently on IR, and also known as Trickshot) makes the roster next year, KC now needs 2 more QBs.  Which way should the Chiefs go in acquiring 2 more QBs?   Free agency, the draft, open door tryouts, pick a name out a hat?  If Pioli is still in charge, he may just throw 20 names of guys off the streets into a hat and choose 3.  Reality is leaning towards the side that Scott Pioli will be fired as GM, and rumors are circulating about whom should fill that role.

I suspect, like many others, that the Chiefs will address the QB position within the 1st round of the 2013 NFL Draft.  I’m inpatient.  Is it April yet?  So who are the top college QBs in this years draft class?  I’ve acquired my list from,,, and  I’m going to compile the top QBs by finding the average of all five sources combined.  This will be the top 5 list.

1.  Geno Smith, Sr., West Virginia, 6′ 3″, 220lbs.  He is the top listed QB of every source listed.

2.  Matt Barkley, Sr., USC, 6′ 2″, 230lbs.  He is the second top rated QB of every source listed.

3.  Tyler Wilson, Sr., Arkansas, 6′ 3″, 220lbs.  He is listed as the 3rd best college QB by 4 of 5 listed sources.

4.  Tyler Bray, Jr., Tennessee, 6′ 5″, 215lbs.  He is listed as the 4th best QB prospect by 3 of 5 listed sources.

5.(T)   Mike Glennon, Sr., NC State, 6′ 5″, 232lbs.  He is tied as the 5th best QB prospect by 2 of 5 listed sources.

5.(T)  Landry Jones, Sr., Oklahoma, 6′ 4″, 230lbs.  He is tied as the 5th best QB prospect by 2 of 5 listed sources.

The remaining QB prospects are many, and range in a variety of orders.  Follow the source links above to see the projected 2013 QB draft class.

As a fan and writer for Chiefs360, I personally am hoping for Geno Smith.  Although, I will be happy with either Mike Glennon or Tyler Wilson also.  Who do you think the Chiefs should take?  Let’s see what some the people from the world of Twitter say in regards to which QB should be picked.  Below are some of the answers to the question.

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Everyone that responded to this question, within an hour, had the same answer.  Nobody mentioned Tyler Wilson, or Aaron Murray, E.J. Manuel, etc.  I think the consensus among Chiefs fans is that they want Geno Smith at QB next year.  And it very well may happen.

So here we are again Chiefs fans!  One more week until our season is officially over.  Is it April yet?  No?  Well until then, I will, on a monthly basis (or bi-weekly if need be and things get shaken up) keep everyone up to speed on the current 2013 QB draft class, and who leads who as the top QB prospect.  I for one, am very much in anticipation to see what Pro Day and the Combine holds for all these young men whom pursue their dreams to play in the NFL. will be hosting a contest in a few weeks, the winner will receive an authentic Kansas City Chiefs FATHEAD helmet!  Contest details will be announced via Twitter and, at the below handles, be sure to follow them for more information! Don’t miss out!

Thanks to everyone for their input and opinions in regards to the 2013 NFL Draft question.

Thanks to @spiderwoman69 for sharing her idea right before I could publish this.

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