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Scott Pioli
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The NFL is a “results only” type of business. A business where every good decision is met with praise and applause from those looking on. A business where bad decisions and failure are met with criticism and sometimes waves of anger and frustration.

Enter Scott Pioli. A man who has made his share of good and bad decisions. A man who was brought to Kansas City from New England in 2009 to jumpstart a lackluster franchise that had been dormant for years. He seemed to be the right one for the job considering the success the Patriots had experienced while he was the General Manager. Clark Hunt’s decision to bring him to Kansas City was lauded as one of the best moves of the year. Scott Pioli was going to do major things for the Chiefs franchise and was going to turn their losing seasons into winning ones in no time flat.

It is now 2012 and the end of the regular season is just a few days away. Scott Pioli has now had 4 years to give the Chiefs franchise the facelift he promised. He has failed miserably in every category. Most of his draft picks have failed to translate to the NFL the way he had hoped. He has stuck with the quarterback he brought with him from New England – Matt Cassel, and refused to bring in competition even though Cassel’s game skills begged for him to be replaced. He has been reported as being too pushy, threatening to fire employees if they refer to him as Scott instead of Mr. Pioli. There have been reports of him having flight attendants replaced on a whim. He also has been known, since being hired by the Chiefs, to be so concerned with the cost of products in the concession stands that he ignores the problems that are obvious elsewhere. Like the field. This years record has been the absolute worst under his 4 years as general manager. The Chiefs have managed just two wins this season while compiling thirteen losses. He fired head coach Todd Haley midseason last year and hired Romeo Crennel (who took over as interim coach) as head coach in the offseason. Many viewed this move as a good one, others weren’t as sure.

Romeo Crennel
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Romeo Crennel has been mediocre at best this season. He was praised for his leadership abilities during the Belcher tragedy, and rightfully so, but his coaching skills have been questioned all season. He never seems to have any answers in his post-game conferences. Many times he has been asked obvious questions such as why Jamaal Charles wasn’t getting the ball, and nearly every time he has said, “now that, I’m not sure”. The head coach needs to be the head coach, Romeo Crennel is the head coach but it seems as if the fans know more about the gameplan than the guy in charge on the field.
I do not question the man as a person. I greatly respect Romeo Crennel, his work ethic and the leadership skills he does possess. The man is not a head coach. It didn’t work out for him in Cleveland and it’s not working in Kansas City. He shows no fire on the sidelines. How are your players supposed to get fired up and motivated if your head coach hides his emotions like a deeply kept secret?

Both of these men are on the chopping block. Many expect them both to be gone come Monday or as its known in the NFL – Black Monday. There will be many position changes happening on that day, and these two are important changes that need to happen in Kansas City. The fan base has had enough of the losing. They want a winning product on the field again.

A day after the regular season comes to a close, those teams who will not make the playoffs will immediately begin addressing issues. Kansas City has several, but none that cannot be rectified. Scott Pioli has secured his spot as the losingest General Manager in franchise history, surpassing Jim Schaaf. (See below)

Jim Schaaf .387 (1976-1988)
Scott Pioli .371 (2009-2012)

It took Scott Pioli 4 years to surpass Jim Schaaf who took 12 years to rack up such a bad record. That is unacceptable.

In a business where results are key, it is obvious the results of Pioli and Crennel are leaning heavily towards the negative.

Black Monday approaches quickly, will Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel be shown the door? Or will they be allowed to stay and try to fix it all for next season? Tell us below.


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