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Hello Chiefs Nation!  Great times are starting to unfold for the Kansas City Chiefs as we have witnessed owner Clark Hunt wheel and deal Andy Reid as the next HC for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Along with this great news, we are also 8 days into 2013.  A new year, a new beginning, and a fresh start.  As a contributing writer for Chiefs360, I feel the need to lay out a small bio for all the readers, so everyone can get an idea about who I am.

My name is Chris Atkins.  I was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1977.  I started contributing to Chiefs360 in the last quarter of 2012, and have enjoyed doing so.  I currently work for an IT firm in Columbia, Missouri and hold the position of Systems Analyst I.  I have recently re-enrolled to attend Columbia College, and finish getting my degree in field of Computer Science.

I am a jack of all trades, as I am also an experienced carpenter and plumber.  I have always enjoyed using my hands when I work and being very hands on in the building, crafting, and assembling of construction projects.  I initially started my career in the IT industry in the early 2000’s, then took a different path in life and became a skilled carpenter.  After deciding I was tired of splinters, hauling 16′ 2×12’s, climbing ladders, lugging concrete bags, and being physically exhausted, I decided to use my old- school networking and PC skills to land me a career  with a small, but vastly growing, IT firm.  Technology has changed so much in the last 20 years.

I felt really behind in the game, since my old skills were with token ring networks, and using IDE cables and ribbon/dot matrix printers.  Fast forward, and now we have SATA drives, 3D printers, desktop virtualization, and Windows 8.  Now, I must get up to speed so I can once again be on top of the IT game.

Not only do I contribute to Chiefs360, but i also use a couple other forums for talking football.  On Twitter and ArrowheadPride, my handle is jedichris816.  While I write for Chiefs360, I must do my best to remain professional.  I do not have a degree in journalism.  So my writing skills are not polished at all.  The only formal writing experience I do have is a technical writing class I once took in college.  So please be forgiving, if I seem bland, or just rough around the edges.

In regards to Chiefs360, I am also a Chiefs fan and a Missouri native.  As a Chiefs fan, I use ArrowheadPride to talk football.  I talk football on AP as a fan.  Not as a contributor for Chiefs360.  My opinions, and comments on AP are those of a fan.  A caring, no nonsense, with an either win-or-get-out attitude.  I use Chiefs360 as the forum for me to provide thoughtful insight, intelligent topics, and sometimes controversial-hard-core-no-nonsense-overly-ridiculous-opinionated Chiefs writing.  As time goes on, I hope to get better at writing in general and be able to more effectively provide good reads for everyone who visits Chiefs360.

So this is a quick, simple breakdown of me in a world that revolves around money and social media.  I hope everyone continues to visit Chiefs360 and help us become a reliable, thoughtful, and credible member of the Chiefs Nation network of websites.  I appreciate every visit from every single visitor that puts traffic through to Chiefs360.

So this year, my goal for Chiefs360 is to become a better writer for the forum, and have a more professional approach to my writing.  Any advice for me in regards to writing for Chiefs360 is definitely welcomed.



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