Chiefs announce John Dorsey as new GM


Shortly after the Chiefs announced that Andy Reid would take over as the Head Coach, Clark Hunt also announced that Scott Pioli would no longer be with the organization as it’s General Manager. The position has now been filled by a longtime friend of Andy Reid’s, John Dorsey. He has been in the NFL a long time. After having a very successful career as a linebacker for the University of Connecticut, he decided to opt for the draft. In 1984 he was drafted by the Packers in the fourth round. He played there for five seasons and spent his sixth season on injured reserve. He has spent 22 years in the league, almost entirely with the Green Bay Packers. In 1991 he became a scout for the Packers and was eventually put in charge of the Packers’ college scouting department in 1997. He was also brought on as an assistant coach from 1992-1998.

When you look at the list of players he has drafted to the Green Bay Packers since being promoted to the head of scouting, his ability to draft top talent speaks for itself. You don’t need a detailed explanation of how he does it, all you need are names.
Due to Dorsey’s skill and hard work, the Packers have drafted the following players: Jermichael Finley, James Jones, Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Greg Jennings, Nick Collins, Jordy Nelson, Nick Barnett, B.J. Raji and A.J. Hawk.

Curious to know how he does it?

Dorsey recently told the Milwuakee Journal-Sentinel: “I always say if you’re not out there working, someone else is. You have to put in the time to find the players. You have to personally visit the schools and build relationships.”

Dorsey who is only 52 years old, comes to Kansas City to help a team in dire need of some direction. Scott Pioli’s draft picks during his time in Kansas City were shaky at best. For the Chiefs to now have someone who not only scouts college recruits, but excels at it, only further helps this franchise move rapidly in an upward direction. The incredible credentials that John Dorsey brings with him are astounding. In the 1990’s he was with Ron Wolf and Ted Thompson who helped establish the Packers as one of the premier teams in the league. Their main reason for returning to dominance was through the draft, and that is exactly where Dorsey shines. He served as the Packers director of college scouting for 12 years before being named director of football operations last year.

Dorsey comes to Kansas City to re-unite with Andy Reid, and Clark Hunt will be able to hand him the one thing that he can use to make an immediate impact – the number one overall draft pick. Chiefs Nation, there is no certainty as to who will be in the top tier of recruits for this seasons draft. Rest assured however, that Clark Hunt has brought to this franchise the man who can find that top pick. This franchise is about to make such a swift turn in the opposite direction that Chiefs fans everywhere are going to need to be evaluated for whip-lash. Keep it up Mr. Hunt, you’re making this fanbase the happiest there is anywhere.

Welcome to Kansas City Mr. Dorsey.



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