From The Senior Bowl: A Few Insights w/BJ Kissel


Hello Chiefs Nation!  The Senior Bowl weigh-ins have been conducted today and I have been tweeting back and forth with Arrowhead Pride‘s (, @arrowheadpride) very own, BJ Kissel (@bkissel7).  He has the privilege of being in Mobile, Alabama to cover the Senior Bowl.  I’ve asked him firsthand, via Twitter, about a few players, and how they looked physically, minus the weight and height numbers.  Here’s our discussion:

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It’s great that BJ was able to answer a few of my burning questions.

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Actually, I didn’t quite figure Jordan Poyer would be a top NFL corner.  I misspoke in my tweet.  What I really meant was that Jordan Pryor was seen as having the necessary skills to be very competitive at the NFL level.

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I then proceeded to inquire about N.C. State QB Mike Glennon.

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I was interested in Mike Glennon back in December.  I think a QB needs to have some muscle.  Not just be filled out.  I’d rather see a QB with some muscle tone, and an arm, rather than a QB with no muscle tone and a weak arm. Obviously.  An example would be Chad Pennington (Yes, I know Pennington is retired) and Matt Cassel.  Both have or had, prototypical size for an NFL QB, but both have/had less than adequate arm strength.  And both don’t seem to have any muscle tone.  Their weight seems more of a result of their height, in my opinion.

I then moved on to inquire about Florida State QB E.J. Manuel.

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Unlike Matt Cassel, or the former QB for the Jets, Chad Pennington, EJ Manuel seems to have arm strength of an ideal NFL QB, to go along with his height and weight.  An example again, would be current Chiefs QB Matt Cassel, who is listed as 6’4″, 230lbs.  At that size, he should have a cannon for an arm, and be able to sling the ball wherever he wanted to on the field with ease.

BJ had previously posted a pic of some players in line waiting for their weigh-in, and Tyler Wilson was in the back of the line.  He looked built.  Solid.  Even from the distance the pic was taken from and from the quality of the pic.

So we now know what a few of the QBs look like physically.  Wilson and Manuel looked the part, physically, and Glennon physically seemed to be a result of his height.  I’m only speculating by what I was told.

Our conversation then moved back to the subject of CBs.  I didn’t ask him earlier about the CBs, I had briefly jumped into the Jordan Pryor comment when our discussion began.

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Desmond Trufant, listed as 6’0″, 186lbs., and is the younger brother of NFL CB Marcus Trufant.

Hopefully the Senior Bowl will give us a greater look at Tyler Wilson, EJ Manuel, and Ryan Nassib.  Those 3 are the ones that interest me most, and hopefully the Chiefs org. will be paying attention also.

Special thanks to BJ Kissel for taking the time to give us his feedback.


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