NFL Trade Rumor: Matt Flynn Is On The Trading Block


QB Matt Flynn
Seattle Seahawks QB Matt Flynn

There is new word on the streets regarding Seattle Seahawks backup QB Matt Flynn.  And that word is that the Seahawks may be willing to trade him.  Matt Flynn, who was signed before 2012, and expected to start in Seattle, was ousted by then rookie Russel Wilson and had limited opportunity to take the field in 2012. Flynn is set to receive $2 million in guaranteed money in 2013 with a $7.25 million contract.  Paying him that much to sit on the bench is not a reasonable move, and if no trade suitor is found, he will likely be cut.

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I know Chiefs Nation, for some this is not such a great rumor, and for others, they may want to see it happen.  With Matt Flynn’s ties to Chiefs GM John Dorsey from Green Bay, this rumor may play out to be truth, and creates the possibility of Flynn landing in KC.

Here’s a look at Matt Flynn’s career stats:

Matt Flynn Career Stats
Matt Flynn Career Stats

I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on this guy being a QBoTF.  After 5 seasons he has barely over 1,000 passing yards.  He did however sit behind Aaron Rodgers in GB for 4 years.

Matt Flynn’s career game came against the Detroit Lions in 2011 when he was 31 of 44 passing and threw for 480 yards and 6 TDs.  A great accomplishment yes, but even Eddie Money had a few hits.

So Chiefs Nation, how does this rumor make you feel?  Do you think John Dorsey is too smart to go “All In” on Matt Flynn?   Or do you think there is a possibility of the Chiefs making a move for Matt Flynn?  Please, let us know via Twitter and the comment section below.  And as always, thanks for reading!


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