Arrowhead Stadium: A Fans’ First Time



arrowhead2As I approach my destination, the air is hazy with smoke from a thousand different fires. Children run by whooping and hollering at each other from the game of football they are playing in the parking lot. Inhaling deeply, I smell the tantalizing aroma’s of the world’s best barbecue being prepared all around me. We’re talking ribs so tender that teeth are not required to enjoy them. Dripping with flavor and sauce, so delightfully appetizing, you could very well eat your napkin. Slices of brisket so moist, bratwurst basted with beer, and chicken so good the Colonel would be jealous. Thousands of different stereos, each playing their own song yet blending together in one perfect harmony. Last but not least, the fans. Everywhere I look I see a fan. Short fans. Tall fans. Young fans. Old fans. Visiting fans and Chiefs fans.

Welcome to Arrowhead Stadium.

When fans come to Arrowhead Stadium for the first time, they are in for a one of a kind experience. As you arrive at 1 Arrowhead Drive, your senses are assaulted by the sights, sounds, and smells of one humongous party. Groups of tailgaters cover the parking lot as far as the eye can see. If you look closer, you will notice that it’s not one giant party, but many smaller gatherings of people mingling together. One thing that stands out is the friendliness and passion of the tailgaters. Their dedication to their team is unmatched in all of sports. The camaraderie one will experience while in attendance at Arrowhead is something that will stay with you forever. The people are friendly and make you feel welcome.

After mingling for awhile and meeting fellow Chiefs fans, it’s time to enter the stadium. The first thing you notice is its sheer size. The rows of seats seem to stretch upwards for miles. It is the fifth largest stadium in the NFL. Upon finding your seat, as a first time attendee, I would highly recommend sitting down and taking in the amazing view around you. The first thing you will notice is the Sea of Red. People everywhere you look decked out in red. From red shoes to red pants, red shirts, red hair, red hats and red face-paint. Even when the team is not playing at it’s best, the Kansas City Chiefs fan base is still loyal and supportive and shows up to cheer them on.

Looking around, it’s easy to notice the exceedingly large screens at each end of the field. They really add to the excitement of it all.

A hush falls over the stadium as everyone rises for the National Anthem. Immediately following the song, the stands erupt in cheers as the Kansas City Chiefs take to the field. The excitement is unparalleled and you can feel the energy in your bones.

Finally, the game begins…


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