A Fool Returns to His Folly: Scott Pioli on Sirius Radio


Former Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli was recently on Sirius radio.  ArrowheadPride took to Twitter to quote one of the remarks made by Pioli.  I’m not sure how many people say Tyson Jackson is bad player, or hasn’t lived up to his original hype, but I’m sure there are more than a few.  Anyway, here’s what Pioli had said:

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Let’s take a look at some of the replies that followed:

Nick Meyer was so adamant about making sure his reply got across, and that Pioli would be fired again, that he replied with the same comment, twice.

Was he worth the 3rd pick in the 2009 draft?  In my opinion, no.  I have no problem with Tyson Jackson.  I just don’t think he has lived up to a #3 pick, nor has played at the level that a #3 pick should be playing at.

But the focus here is Pioli.  You would think that the Chiefs org. letting him go (the Chiefs can claim it was a mutual agreement all they want) would have humbled the man, even a small bit.  But apparently not.  It does not seem he has learned from his mistake.  Drafting Tyson at #3 a mistake?  Some say yes.  I say yes.  Drafting Tyson Jackson period?  I don’t think that was a mistake.  But to take to the airwaves, and verbally speak out saying you’d do it again if given the chance?  That’s just stubborn.

So this is just a small tidbit of what we Chiefs fans are not missing anymore.  Hopefully our new GM John Dorsey will blow us away with some top notch drafting, and show everyone why he is the anti-Pioli.

Go Chiefs!


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