Save Our Chiefs : A New Direction


The first banner over Arrowhead on October 7th 2012

It all started with an idea. An idea of fans taking a stand. Some say it worked, most say it didn’t. I believe the Save Our Chiefs movement was a major factor in getting Clark Hunt to realize what had happened to his fathers franchise. I’m proud to have been a part of it.

A big shout out to the guys at who made all of this possible. These guys took a stand and didn’t back down. Here are the final words from Save Our Chiefs.

Fellow Fans,

“I love the passion. PR, Clay, Phobia…all of us involved in this journey, we loved the passion. It is what fueled everything with SOC. We all gave up a lot in the process. I can’t speak to the personal sacrifices each member made but I can tell you mine. But that’s not the point.

The point was to get change inside of Arrowhead. A 4-year storm cloud hovered over Kansas City. Fans were pissed. We were tired of sending the water bucket down into the well only to have it returned empty.

So we fought back.

We took the air above Arrowhead. We took our fight to the airwaves. We took our fight inside the stadium. We took our fight to Social Media. The Bengals Blackout game was the single biggest fan revolt. 25,000 people in black. Fire Pioli signs all over the place. Banners flying with pride and more! We became a voice for some local media who couldn’t bark as loud as they wanted due to special relationships they had to maintain with the team.

We remained respectful. We didn’t resort to violence. Fans who didn’t agree with what we did are the ones who created division. Their inability to treat us with respect was pretty overwhelming. Their questioning and rancid comments about our efforts severely misguided those who failed to understand what we were truly doing. Without SOC, Clark lets Scott Pioli finish out his term. Gives Romeo another chance. He would have continued to embrace the “Awww, Shucks” mentality he’s guided the Chiefs with so far.

Instead, Clark chose to fight back. He rolled up his sleeves. Demanded accountability. Got involved. He asked Romeo to step aside. He neutered his GM and basically shamed Pioli into accepting a buyout. He found his man.

Clark Hunt is a man who saw the light. And it’s because of SOC. But not just the handful of us running it but it’s because of the 115,000+ combined followers on Twitter and FB. Together Fans Are Powerful.

As fans, We Deserve Better. Clark felt the same way, using specific language in a team press release that was directly from our banners. He got it. He knew what Save Our Chiefs was all about. Like The Bad Guy said, we know the Hunt Family saw the banners. They were embarrassed by them.

The Chiefs could have lawyer-ed up and sent us Cease and Desist demands but never did. On Blackout Day, reports circulated of FIRE PIOLI signs being confiscated. Eric had a nice chat with the Law at Arrowhead that day. Once we blasted that nugget out on Social Media it blew up. The Hunt Family called off Pioli’s edict. CBS talked about the blackout on TV late in the game and the Save our Chiefs movement. Stop and think about that. It served as the only time all year we were discussed on TV. It was Clark giving Scott the middle finger.

So what happens with SOC? Not a god darn thing. We are not disbanding. We are not breaking up the band. We are, however, going to re-brand and re-market ourselves. We are working through some details now so we can begin the process of changing things around.”

Love Ya Guys!

Marty McDonald


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