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Branden Albert #76 OT 6′ 5″, 316 lbs. Birth Date : November 4, 1984 (Age: 28) Experience : 5 years College : Virginia

Branden Albert has been very active the past few weeks since re-joining the twitter world. Yesterday was one of the most interesting to watch as he really opened up to Chiefs fans. He is sending the message loud and clear that he wants to be here. I just hope the right people are listening.



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The reason this signing is so crucial is because if we let Branden Albert walk, you can pretty much guarantee the Chiefs will use the number 1 overall pick on LT Luke Joeckel out of Texas A&M. Letting Albert walk and drafting the same position would be one of the worst moves in NFL history. If this happens, the honeymoon will be over with the Reid/Dorsey hire for me.

 The only reason this should even come into play is if the back spasm issue that Albert had last year has not healed or has become worse. But even if you are worried about the back spasms, I say you at least franchise him for the year and make him prove that he can stay healthy long term.

There has been talk of Albert moving to Guard much like he played in college. The reason Albert doesn’t like the idea of that is the major pay cut he would take by doing so. The average pay for a top Guard in the NFL is around $7 million, where as the average pay for a top LT is nearly $10 million a year. Impending free agent LT Branden Albert says the thought of him moving inside to guard is “ludicrous.”

“I’m not a guard. Point blank,” said Albert. “I haven’t played guard since college. It kind of upsets me a lot. I’ll be the first one to tell you. Sometimes it bothers me.”

Branden Albert was rated as the 7th best pass protecting LT in 2012 by pro football focus, only allowing 1 sack the entire season. Albert has started 73 games for the Chiefs, missing 5 games in 4 years, but missed 3 games in 2012 alone due to back spasms.


After we sign Albert we can really dig into this draft and find out what we are going to do after we take our QB of the future Geno Smith with the 1st pick…


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