Andy Reid on set with Scott Pioli | NFL Network


Andy Reid on NFL Network with Scott Pioli.

Former general manager Scott Pioli joined the NFL Network for their coverage leading up to the NFL Draft. Today, as the combine gets ready to start, NFL Network brings Andy Reid on set to talk with Scott Pioli. It was an awkward moment to say the least.

Pioli starts it off with joking about telling his  daughter not to  tee pee Reid’s house because they are currently neighbors. Yeah, OK Scott…


Asked about the current QB situation Reid says “It’s a process”


“I’ve had a chance to look at his tape and he’s a heck of a football player, I haven’t met him yet. I’m excited to meet him”. – Andy Reid on Geno Smith.


Scott Pioli spent most of the time during the interview reminding us how good the situation is for the Chiefs with the new staff. Pioli didn’t skip out on the chance to say something stupid.


” Don’t be so locked on the QB position” – Scott Pioli


That’s why you are interviewing, and not in charge anymore, Scooter.


Reid did a lot of jumping around the questions. Overall it was nice to see him acknowledge Geno Smith, publicly. Chiefs fans sure don’t like hearing that word “process” though. Scott Pioli continue to prove to all Chiefs fans that Clark Hunt made the correct decision in handing him his walking papers.

Here is an awesome video of Geno Smith



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