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Tyler Bray (6 ft 6 in. 232 lb) is by far the high-riser at the QB position out of the combine. Bray weighed in at 232, up a whopping 24 pounds from his final game at Tennessee. Like Glennon and Nassib, he’s far from a burner or an option guy, so his high 40 time shouldn’t hinder him too much.

There’s definitely room for quarterbacks to rise and fall between now and the draft, and Bray’s weekend work has him trending in the right direction.

Bray might be one of the most gifted passers in this draft but his numerous off-field transgressions suggest he isn’t quite ready to handle the responsibility of leading a franchise. Although his offenses are minor in nature — Bray was accused of tossing beer bottles and golf balls at parked cars, was charged with reckless operation of a jet ski and also skipped a post-game press conference after a game against Alabama.

At 6-feet-6-inches tall, Bray’s height is exactly what NFL teams look for in a quarterback. He sees over the line of scrimmage easily, but his release point isn’t quite as high as one would like to see from a quarterback of his stature. Despite being a bit skinny, Bray exhibits some toughness in the pocket. He’s willing to stand in and take hits while getting rid of the football.


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Among the most impressive qualities Bray shows is his willingness to take shots down the football field. He’s fearless, which is something you can’t really teach. His development hasn’t quite been as quick as you would like to see, but Bray has improved his accuracy this season.

HIs footwork may be the biggest issue. Too often he throws off his back foot and doesn’t have a ton of pocket awareness, instead relying on his ability to just fire the ball from all sorts of different body positions. The closest comparison I can make with Bray is a raw Jay Cutler.

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