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left to right (Anthony Fasano, Chase Daniel, Mike DeVito)

The long-awaited start of free agency on March 12th has come and gone. In addition to signing quarterback Chase Daniel and tight end Anthony Fasano, they inked former Jets defensive lineman Mike DeVito. The Kansas City Chiefs have been one of the most active teams this off-season. Today added depth. Are you not entertained?

The first signing of the day for the Chiefs, former Miami Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano. RJ Loubier wrote a short piece going more in depth on Fasano, you can read that here. Anthony Fasano is set to receive $16M over 4 years with a $4.5M signing bonus. That is almost four times as much as current tight end Tony Moeaki. With Moeaki set to hit free agency after the 2013 season, he will definitely have a lot to prove this year.

Fasano is not going to blow you away with his stats, in his 5 years as a starter he has 177 receptions with 2100 yards and 23 TD’s. However, he runs his routes very well and is very aggressive going after the ball. He also has very reliable hands, only dropping 3 passes over the last 3 years. It’s hard to put up good stats when you only average 2.3 catches a game over 5 years. His biggest issue was not having reliable QB play. One thing about newly acquired QB Alex Smith, he loves to throw to his tight ends.


The Chiefs second move of the day was the acquisition of former Mizzou Tigers Quarterback Chase Daniel. Daniel was on the active roster for the Saints Super Bowl win during the 2009-2010 season. He played really well in last years preseason games for the Saints, peaking a lot of interest from other teams. Daniel has not seen much live action outside of the preseason, throwing only 9 passes in regular season play.

RJ did a write up on Chase Daniel as well, you can read that article here. Daniel will get 3 years, $10 million, just under $5 million guaranteed. That’s a pretty penny for a backup. Mizzou fans love this move just because he’s a Tiger. Earlier today on Twitter I wasn’t able to get a clear-cut answer from a Mizzou fan on why he’s a good fit outside of “He’s not Matt Cassel” and “He plays well in the preseason”. If anyone can give me a good reason on why this is a good move I’d love to hear it. We are essentially going into next season with two quality/over-paid back-ups. Sounds like a trip down mediocrity lane to me.


The final move of the day came from the signing of Mike DeVito, former Jets defensive end. The deal, worth $12.6 million, reportedly includes a $4.2-million signing bonus and a fully guaranteed $850,000 2013 base salary. This deal pretty much wipes away the idea of Glenn Dorsey being resigned. DeVito is now reunited with Bob Sutton, the Jets’ former linebackers and assistant head coach who was hired as the Chiefs’ new defensive coordinator this off-season.

Mike DeVito reminds me a lot of Glenn Dorsey, but a little bit more solid against the run game. He is a high motor guy that maintains the line of scrimmage really well, and doesn’t get pushed back. This is probably my favorite signing of the three today. I don’t think he received the credit he deserved in New York. I’m glad to have him.

Like I said to start, these guys are all role players that add depth. John Dorsey has said numerous times that he wants to have depth at each position. Today was a good indicator of that plan. I’d grade today’s signings with a C+. Not great, not terrible. I was really hoping to grab another defensive back today. We will see what the rest of the week brings. Thanks for reading.


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