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The Kansas City Chiefs have been very busy this off-season as they work to turn the Chiefs into a once-again relevant team. Andy Reid and John Dorsey have been hard at work to ensure that the Chiefs fan base has to never witness another season like they did last year. Many changes have been made to the already talented roster in Kansas City, and I expect many more to come as the 2013 NFL Draft approaches.  Recently, I sent out a questionnaire to a few Chiefs fans and asked them some questions regarding the Chiefs and other topics related to this off-season.  Some of their answers may surprise you.  So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What have the Chiefs done this off-season that you are the most happy about?


Deana: “Number 1 is getting rid of Scott Pioli!!  Enough said!!  I also think the fact that they are spending the extra money to bring in the talent and getting Alex Smith!”

Trevor: “I probably speak for most Chiefs fans when I say that bringing an end to the previous regime and replacing it with a competent front office and coaching staff was the best thing that has happened in the off season. The addition of so many talented veteran players has been great but, without that change in leadership, we would inevitably be getting more of the same. Mr. Hunt showed us that he truly cares about this franchise and that he wants to win now. There are a lot of NFL owners who talk a good game but, there aren’t a lot that would listen to the fans and make the kinds of sweeping changes that Mr. Hunt made without restraint- and he made them in a very short amount of time. He put us in a position to be successful right away in doing so. There is not another NFL team that was able to make those types of high-quality changes as quickly and we will be more prepared for the season in doing so.That has made me one happy Chiefs fan. No more banners over Arrowhead!”

Todd: “I’m most happy that we seem to have a front office that has a focused game plan. They are prepared for several variables and have been aggressive, yet smart, in their approach this off-season. “

Tom: “Signing Bowe long term.”



Several players left the Chiefs and several new players will don the red in 2013. Which new Chief are you the most excited about and why?


Andrew: “Sean Smith, the spot left by Brandon Carr needed addressed by a good player and I think this was a really solid move.”

Scott: “Dunta Robinson. High energy, big hitting, fast, ball hawking DB.”

Trevor: “There have been so many excellent signings this off season for us that it is hard to single out just one. Alex Smith is an obvious upgrade at QB but, I am probably the most excited about the addition of Sean Smith at CB. I think he was a huge get for us for several reasons. In Miami, I believe he was essentially a CB1. That’s a huge responsibility on a team that doesn’t give you a ton of help in the secondary to begin with. This is a guy whom has lined up against some of the best receivers in the league and has had some success in doing so. He’s a big corner (6’3″) and will match up well against the bigger receivers- something we haven’t had in the past. He’s a guy that adds a dimension to our secondary that we didn’t even have with Brandon Carr. Smith is excellent in press-man coverage and fits our scheme if I am correct in assuming we will be playing press-man coverage about 80% of the time. Let’s not forget how good Flowers can make him playing on the other side, too. The match ups can be much more favorable for Smith this year.”

Deana: “I’m really excited to see what Sean Smith brings to the team.  I think he will definitely earn his pay and I can’t wait to see him in a Chiefs jersey.”



How would you rate and compare this years off-season to last years under Scott Pioli?


Scott: “I honestly can’t remember anything Pioli did last off season. “

Todd: “I was excited last year with the offseason free agents and expected big things from them. I was never a believer in Romeo as a head coach. That was a bad hire IMO. “

Tom: “We have made more smart moves in 1 yr then in the 4 yrs with Pioli”

Andrew: “Well the optimism between this season and last are actually very similar, however there is actual data to backup the players picked up this off season as opposed to the kinda gut feeling alot of moves last season had.”



Do you approve of the Alex Smith to KC trade? Why or why not?


Trevor: “I absolutely approve of the Alex Smith trade. Best available option at QB for the Chiefs on the planet right now. I don’t want to rock the boat but, anyone who does not share a high-opinion of Alex Smith is simply not informed. Career stats are extremely deceptive. Not to mention, career stats and game averages don’t adequately show you what this guy’s been doing in games over the last 2.5 seasons- that’s right, Alex started his upswing nearly half a season before Harbaugh even came to San Fran- there was a post on Arrowhead Pride that did a great job of showing this a while ago. To be a truly informed fan, you need to review all sources. Game tape doesn’t lie. The arm-strength issue is somewhat of a myth. He can make all the throws a QB needs to make to be successful. He’s smart, more mobile than you would think, possesses outstanding pocket awareness/presence, can see the field, and can check in and out of plays at the line- not to mention, his accuracy has been off the charts. This is a guy with the tools to win. He was winning before he got here, he will win even more now with a chip on his shoulder. I’ll take this bet.”

Deana: “I think the Alex Smith trade was the best option we had going for us.  We don’t really have a QB to choose from in the draft, so I really think this was the best and smartest move to make.  I also believe with Andy Reid’s history, Alex Smith could become a pretty solid QB.”

Todd: “I absolutely approve of the trade. Unless you are 100% sold on a rookie qb then you don’t put your team in a position to be handcuffed to a qb for several years. We are not handcuffed with Alex and he has shown he is a dependable qb.”

Andrew: “Yes, I’d rather we have drafted a QB, but I’m ok with this option, he’s not a bad QB, he’s just not top tier, yet.”



In your eyes, what will it take to prove Alex Smith’s worth to the Chiefs fan base?


Tom: ” A playoff win.”

Scott: It’s only going to take a few 3rd and long completions!! Maybe a long run as well. After week 2 he’s in as chiefs family!”

Andrew: “A playoff win, I honestly don’t remember the Chiefs winning a playoff as I was 1 year old when they won their last one, so that is really it.”

Trevor: “He needs to win games and maintain the same type of quarterbacking that was on display in San Fran over the last 2.5 years. I don’t see this becoming an issue. We have one of the best offensive minds and QB guys at the helm in Reid.”



When the 2012 season ended, many were questioning Clark Hunt’s ability to run his fathers franchise. How do you feel he has responded to such criticism?


Tom: “very well.”

Deana: “I really think with Pioli in charge a lot of things were lost (such as the connection with the fans that was there for so long).  The community and fan base has always been a huge part of the Chiefs organization and to see that falling apart was really hard, but I do think that Clark is taking the right steps to bring this organization back to what it once was and my hope is that it’s not to late to salvage what was once an absolutely amazing sight at Arrowhead stadium.  I think only time will tell how these new changes affect the future of the Chiefs.  I will always be a Chiefs fan, but I think a lot of people will need a lot of coaxing to come back.”

Todd: “Clark’s swift actions within a two week span showed me he has the fortitude to run this team. He accepted the criticism and moved forward. “

Scott: I just feel like Pioli was a huge mistake. Pioli made Clark look bad period.”



How long do you think Andy Reid and Co. have to prove their success in Kansas City?


Andrew: “Four years to at least make a playoff appearance, maybe longer depending on the records.”

Trevor: “3 years but, it will only take 1. I have no doubt in my mind we are competing for first in the division with Denver until the very end of the season. We have the roster depth and the coaching staff to compete next year and the year after.”

Todd: “Hard to tell. Winners prosper.”

Deana: “I think that realistically by the end of the second season we should have a pretty good idea of where this team is going.  I believe if there isn’t some serious improvement by then it won’t be by the next season either.  I have faith in Andy Reid & Co to really get this team to where they need to be quickly.”



How would you grade the Chiefs free agency this off-season?


Tom: “I would give them a  C+”

Scott: B”

Andrew: “Excellent, maybe not the best of any team, but some really solid moves, only time can truly tell how well they did though.”

Trevor: “I give us an “A” and I don’t think I’ve ever given us an “A” in the offseason before. Even as a fan, I try to remain realistic and I think this offseason so far realistically gets an “A”. The majority of our holes have been filled before the draft and we have added a lot of valuable depth and play-makers as well. Something we haven’t done in an offseason for some time.”



What positions do you think the Chiefs need to address come Draft time?


Todd: “We need an OT, DE, ILB, S, and RB.”

Tom: “OL  DL  C  WR”

Deana: “I think the Chiefs need to go after a Cornerback because I believe we lost one of the most amazing Cornerbacks when we got rid of Brandon Carr.  I think that was one of the biggest mistakes they made last year, letting Carr go.  Although I’m not sure we can ever get someone to truly fill that spot the way he did, we need to get someone in there who can hopefully match his caliber of play.”

Scott: OT, QB, DE, G, in that order”



What do you think the Chiefs will do with the No. 1 pick?


Andrew: “Trade it most likely, try to stock up on later picks in either this draft or the next one.”

Tom: “I believe they will trade down if the right team is there”

Trevor:  “There’s 3 options, really. 1) Trade back into the first round and acquire an additional picks. 2) Draft Geno and immediately trade him ala Eli Manning. 3) Draft a left tackle, which they could still do later if they trade back and still get value.”

Scott: “Trade”

Deana: “I would like them to seriously look at Luke Joeckel if we hang on to that No. 1 pick.”



Who is your favorite Chiefs player (currently playing) and why?


Tom: “Jamaal Charles. He is one of  the best running backs in the league”

Deana: “Dexter McCluster by far.  He is the most active with the fan base and he’s a great player and Jamaal Charles is right up there with him.  What is not to like about Jamal Charles.”

Trevor: “I would have to say Jamaal Charles is my favorite player on the roster. He’s really a unique talent, if you think about it. What he did last year to overcome that knee injury and return to form.. incredible. Completely overshadowed by Adrian Peterson’s recovery in the media. Not enough people were talking about it in my opinion. He handled the Belcher incident with class and still came to play every game for the rest of the season. Even if he wasn’t given the ball enough in a couple of terrible losses due to Brian “I’m better off as an assistant” Daboll play calling, he made the most of his carries. Great attitude. Andy Reid is gonna get him involved in the passing game and defenses better be on their toes. Get ready for Jamaal next year, he’s poised to help win some football games.”

Andrew: “Brandon Flowers, cause he’s a great player, that’s why you don’t hear much about him, other teams don’t hardly bother passing against him.”

Scott: “DJ, Biggest playmaker for Chiefs D”

Todd: “Tamba Hali. He is an incredible play-maker and was extremely gracious to my son when we visited KC from Baltimore several years ago.”



Which Chiefs decision this off-season are you the least happy about? Why?


Scott: “There isn’t one. I’ve put all my trust in Reid&Co.”

Todd: “I’m least excited about the contract signed by Chase Daniels. I think we overpaid for him. That’s not to say I don’t like the pick up.”

Deana: “Well, since nothing is concrete, just the rumor about the trading of Brandon Albert.  I can’t really justify getting rid of Brandon Albert for any reason at all (even though it hasn’t happened yet), I believe that they are seriously considering it.  I just can’t wrap my head around it, if they truly proceed with getting rid of BA.”

Tom: “Im  not unhappy so far a new coach new GM  new QB  Im happy”

Andrew: “Not re-signing Glenn Dorsey, really should have tried to keep him instead of trying to replace him in the draft.”

Trevor: “When asked this question, there are some fans that will cite the Eric Winston dismissal. There are others that will say we got the wrong Smith to play QB. The fact of the matter is this: Dorsey and Reid have a plan for this team to win right now and they are being precise with it’s execution. With how well everything’s shaking out so far, I won’t even complain about Dustin Colquitt’s contract (I could be wrong, but I don’t think future cap hit is too bad).”



If the Chiefs decide to trade away the No. 1 pick, what would you like to see them receive in return?


Deana: “I just really wish they would hold onto it.  I can’t think of anything that would be worth the trade.”

Tom: “A #1  #2  and maybe  a  pick next year.”

Todd: “That would depend on who our trade partner is but I’d love to see us pick up a defensive playmaker.”

Andrew: “Either a later first round pick and maybe a third or fourth round, or a first round pick next year.”



Will the Kansas City Chiefs make the playoffs in 2013?


Trevor: “There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Scott: “No”

Deana: “I believe we have all of the elements possible to do that.  I would like to be optimistic and say most definitely, but it will all come down to the chemistry of the team  and how quickly they become familiar with playing with each other.  If we can get some solid coverage and the Quarter Back can perform consistently I believe without a doubt we have a chance.”

Todd: “No.”

Andrew: “I would be surprised if we won the division, but a wild card doesn’t seem unlikely.”

Tom: “I dont think so unless 8 / 8 will make it.”



Please give us your final thoughts on the Chiefs, this interview, and your expectations for next season.


Tom: “I have been a proud Chiefs fan for 40 yrs  I am happy to be apart of anything with the Chiefs.”

Scott: “The Chiefs will be relevant again in the near future period. Chiefs go 9-7 and miss the Wild Card spot. Thanks for the interview Brandon. Anytime man! “

Andrew: “I feel like the team as a whole is in a really good place, that even if we don’t do great this season, the sky is still the limit. I have faith in Coach Reid, John Dorsey, and Clark Hunt. We will come back to greatness, and be the next NFL Dynasty. Go Chiefs!”

Deana: “I think it is unfortunate that with Scott Pioli in charge the team and organization lost touch with what this organization once was.  Chiefs fans are by far the truest fans of any organization out there from what they have endured through the Carl Peterson era and the Pioli era and have faithfully followed throughout and I truly hope that it can rebuild and become an even bigger source to reckon with.  Great interview questions.  I really had to put some thought and effort into it, but it was great fun and thanks for allowing me to be a part.  I truly believe that Clark is really trying to turn this organization around and hopefully the Chiefs will soon be Superbowl bound!!”

Todd: “The Chiefs will be a much better team this season than last, however, they will have their growing pains. We should expect an 8-8 team this season. We will get quality play from our quarterback but will not win the division. We should expect to be competitive in our games which is leaps and bounds over last season. Thanks for allowing a die hard Chiefs fan to participate.”

Trevor: “This interview has been spectacular and I have enjoyed taking part in it. I probably follow the Chiefs and the NFL way too much (borderline obsessive) and I have a good idea of what is taking place here. What is happening right now at 1 Arrowhead Dr. is something special. I am cautiously optimistic that we could be looking at a team with the potential to be one of the best “worst to 1st” teams in NFL history. I’m not going to say that we are gong to the Superbowl or even win the AFC West because we have yet to play a single down of football but, at the same time, I can see that we have something exciting in the works and that we will surely be competitive this year. I believe we can take a wild card playoff spot as long as we fill holes on the offensive line and at inside linebacker. I’ll save my season record predictions until the end of training camp but, we now have the front office, the coaching staff (and it’s a phenomenal one), and the talent to be winners in this league right now. I can’t remember a better time to be a Chiefs fan.”


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I want to personally thank everyone who participated in this questionnaire.  Like everyone, I too, am looking forward to this season of Chiefs football.  Andy Reid and John Dorsey have done a wonderful job evaluating talent and making the necessary changes to turn this team around immediately.  Clark Hunt deserves much respect for re-taking control of this once proud franchise.  He has made many people happy, and for those skeptics or cautiously optimistic people out there, I believe we are all about to see the fruits of their labor. As always, Chiefs360 is dedicated to letting YOU the fan, voice your opinion so you can be heard.  This is just one of many Fan Opinion articles to come, so please stay tuned to Chiefs360 and follow me on Twitter for the latest updates and information.  Go Chiefs!


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