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Connecting fans together is one thing that we strive to do here at Chiefs360. When fans can unite in fandom and share in the memories of days since past of their favorite players or coaches or maybe a miraculous play they witnessed in person, special bonds can be formed.   Recently I was able to sit down with the guys from The Outsiders Podcast.  They were willing to answer some questions I had regarding their current podcast setup as well as relevant questions pertaining to the Chiefs and other topics.  The dedication they exhibit in bringing their listeners the latest information on the Kansas City Chiefs and their opinions on an array of topics, is what makes this podcast truly unique. So please, read on to learn more about The Outsiders Podcast.


1.  Please tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Noah – I’m 28 years old and graduated college from Missouri Western State University to become a Physical Education teacher. Teaching is pretty stressful and I don’t have a passion for it, so I’ve been looking into other professions that are less stressful. This podcast is a lot of work, but I truly enjoy the work and will do everything to make this a career in the near future. My best friend and the closest person to me in my life, Brian Cooper, passed away in 2009 from Brain Cancer. I knew him since we were in strollers and we spent almost every day together growing up. He was just as big of a sports fan as I was with a passion for the Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri Tigers. We both had the same outlook on sports desperately craving that ever elusive championship for our teams. I remember a year where Missouri barely beat Middle Tennessee State in football and all the fans were going crazy with excitement while Brian looked around in amazement. He was upset that Mizzou barely beat an awful program and didnt understand anyone being excited that they won by such a small margin. I share that philosophy with him. We always defended Marty Schottenheimer vs. any naysayers as we think he’s the best coach in the history of the NFL. During Brian’s funeral they even mentioned his admiration of Marty and how he’d always talk about him and want him back as our coach when the rumors swirled. I miss him more than anything in this world and I hope he’s looking down and proud of the work I’m doing on this podcast.
Clint – I am 29 years old and have been an avid sports fan all my life. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve attending Chiefs or Mizzou football/basketball games. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to present my sports opinions in any way possible. I started with web based videos and have now been involved with this podcast for a year. Interacting with fans and guests is a huge thrill and having a voice to express my opinions has been a wonderful experience for me.
2.  How did you become fans of the Kansas City Chiefs?
We have both been huge sports fans since the early 90’s. the Chiefs were one of the best teams in the NFL under Marty Schottenheimer during that time. The tailgating and see of red were sweeping the league and Arrowhead really was a feared place to play for opponents. We both have childhood memories going to games and being a part of something great.
Noah – I specifically remember becoming a huge fan of WR WIllie Davis which initially got me into watching football and becoming a Chiefs fan.
3.  What is the Outsiders Podcast?
Outsiders Podcast is an outside perspective on things in the sports world and pop culture. We focus on the Chiefs and football in general, but also deal with basketball, and people from the entertainment world (i.e. actors, musicians, & former pro wrestlers)
4.  Where did the name “Outsiders Podcast” come from? Or does it mean anything specific?
We were throwing around names and we mentioned the Outsiders which came from the old pro wrestling days with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall being called that. We thought it could work cause we do have outside the box views and that’s what we decided on.
5.  How did the Outsiders Podcast become what it is today?
Clint was doing a sports show with another friend of his while living down in Clinton, Missouri. That ended up not working out so he moved back to North Kansas City, Missouri and approached me about being his new co-host. I jumped at the idea and we were off. At first, we had talked about doing a podcast with just our takes on things from the sports world, but then I started to think about something different. I knew I had a lot of former athletes as friends on Facebook so I told Clint we should try to inbox some of them to see if they’d want to be guests. We thought we might get 1 or 2 not very well known guys to come on, but pretty soon they started flooding in and we knew that was going to be a huge part of our show. We started doing interviews with athletes about their careers and doing pre and post game shows for every chiefs game with a guest. During the football and basketball offseason we decided instead of sitting around we’d try for actors, former pro wrestlers, and musicians to interview. I got a trial on IMDB and started getting contact info for actors. Then I started calling agencies in California and New York and getting interviews with actors that we grew up watching and had always wanted to interview. We got media passes to Chiefs training camp and new equipment recently so we are looking for bigger things this year!
6.  What sets the Outsiders Podcast apart from other Kansas City Chiefs podcasts?
Anybody can pick up a microphone these days and rant about their opinions, but we enjoy bringing on guests as well to get a wider view and variety of takes on issues.
7.  When do new episodes of the Outsiders Podcast air?
Once we come up with a theme for a show we then contact guests that fit that theme and work around both our schedules to find a time that works. We record the interviews and then put them together with music and video.
8.  Where can Kansas City Chiefs fans find previous episodes of the Outsiders Podcast?
All of our interviews are conveniently archived on our website
9.  How do you think the Chiefs 2013 season will compare with their disastrous 2012 season only a year ago?
The new coaching staff with Andy Reid is a vast improvement over Romeo Crennel however we have questions about Alex Smith and the depth at WR and RB. We see this as an 8-8 football team needing that franchise QB.
10.  Are there ways for Chiefs fans to connect with you?
Follow The Outsiders Podcaston Twitter @ChiefsOutsiders
Find us on Facebook at:
All the latest podcasts are on our site at:
11. Final thoughts on the Chiefs, this interview or any other things you’d like to share?
We appreciate you asking us for this interview and we love interacting with all sports fans. We hope everyone will come check us out on Facebook, twitter, and our website to let know your views be heard and let us know how we are doing! We just finished up some great podcasts recently including: 2013 SEC Football Preview, Day 1 at Chiefs Training Camp with Media Access, 2013 Mizzou Football Preview, & 2013 Chiefs Preview with guests Josh Looney & Bill Maas. We have an NFL Preview show coming up with guests Jeffri Chadiha who is a Senior NFL Writer for ESPN & regular contributor on E:60 & Sean Salisbury former NFL QB & NFL Analyst on ESPN. We also have fan show coming up soon as well, where the fans can ask us any sports or personal questions and we will answer on a special fan podcast! Prizes will be given out during that podcast as
Thanks again,
  Noah Gronniger & Clint Switzer.
I appreciate Clint and Noah’s willingness to participate in this interview. It was a pleasure to interact with them, and I look forward to future work with them.  If you would like to check out their latest podcast episode, it can be found here:
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