Game 2 Preview: KC Chiefs vs. Dallas Cowboys


arrowhead1For the second game of the NFL regular season we have the Kansas City Chiefs playing the Dallas Cowboys.  The game kicks off at 1:00 PM Eastern Time at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas   City, MO.  Park your rear in a seat, whether it be a couch, a stadium seat, or a office chair, and help me cheer the Chiefs to victory in game 2.


After an impressive outing by the Chiefs last week against Jacksonville we see if the same can be repeated on Sunday.  The win was much needed for fans to know the new coach and team are for real.  From the presentation last week all signs point to most definitely yes.  The question is, was Jacksonville really that much opposition?  They too are in a rebuilding phase much like the Chiefs.  It looked to me like the Chiefs are light years ahead with the rebuild of the team.


Alex Smith looked great going 21 of 34 for 173 yards and two touchdowns thrown.  Considering there were a total of 8 touchdowns in the entire 2012 season under the previous quarterback.  Looks like Smith is on his way to being the true leader of the new Andy Reid offense.  Jamaal Charles ran for 77 yards and a touchdown along with 23 yards through the air.  Wide Receivers Junior Hemingway and Donnie Avery looked like they belong in their respective positions.  Both pulled in a touchdown from Smith and made it look like they had been catching passes from him for several years.


The Chiefs defense looked great as well with shutting down the pass game and the run game of the Jaguars.  This time around the job may not be so easy, but I am excited to see if they can keep up the pressure and make Romo have some bad plays and make some bad decisions.  With Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, Dontari Poe, and Derrick Johnson coming at you how can all the decisions be that good anyway.  I can’t imagine the things going through your head when you know those four are gunning for you.  One thing that can be said for sure is it will definitely be interesting.


The Cowboys are coming off a close game with the New York Giants.  Scraping by with a 36 to 31 win from two touchdown passes from Romo and some help on the defensive end.  The Cowboys offense was impressive and should be in full force against the Chiefs Sunday.  The Cowboys will be bringing back a familiar face with Brandon Carr.  Carr spent several years on the Chiefs roster before heading to the Cowboys.  Carr intercepted a pass from Eli Manning and took it to the house for a pick six.  He is a great defensive player with great hands.  Look for him to try and prove something against the former team to show us what we are missing.


I, for one, am ready to see if this team is for real against a team that has proven year after year that they can win.  I will be on the edge of my seat ready to cheer on my beloved Chiefs and watching as they take it to the Cowboys and give them everything they can possibly handle.  Lets get that second win of the 2013 season and tie our win record from 2012.

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