Week 5 thoughts



                                     photo courtesy of Kansas.com


Wow what a scare that was huh? I was very worried there about us possibly losing the game, but like every game so far the season….we fought and didn’t give up and pulled it off. This game was for sure the ugliest we have played this season. The offense is very concerning to me with the lack of run game, and the continued issue of the passing game. The defense was slow to get started, it gave a bunch of cheap yardage away allowing Fitzpatrick to run all over us. Both teams fought the turnover bug, but the least turnover team won the game. Another key to this game was the officiating, it was absolutely horrible! There were pass interference calls that were not pass interference, and I don’t think there was one holding call against the Titans at all, yet every rush play it seemed there was a lineman with a handful of red jersey. But wouldn’t we all just love to point the finger at someone else and say “that’s why we lost!”, but its not that easy we need to point that finger at a few other issues. As we move forward I hope to see a few things that I believe we need to see happen to move forward from the slop ball we played last Sunday and not ever go back to that play.

First I want our offense to grab an identity. Alex is doing a great job protecting the ball(except the last couple of games, and I believe a couple of those INT’s were not his fault), but we seem to lack a system, and identity that scares a defense and makes explosive plays. Are we a drop down screen team, or are we a balanced offense who has a run and pass game? Whatever it is we need to find it and perfect it and very soon! Second we need to get the run game going. This line is not opening holes for Jamal to get through and it shows, our rushing yards are all coming late in the game, but I would like to see some more big gains in the beginning of the game to help open up more options. Last our defense needs to get their pass rush explosiveness back. We were so dominant the first 3 games, but it seems like we have lost our explosiveness. Don’t get me wrong our defense is the reason we won this past week, but I believe we need to get that POW! We can’t rely totally on our defense all the time, defense’s keeps you in games but offense’s win them. We will not be able to compete with a team like Denver, New Orleans or any other top level team with our team in it’s current state, we have to get these issues addressed and fixed quickly.


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