Sometimes the book is more interesting than the cover


The Kansas City Chiefs aren’t what the NFL, and all it’s analyst like to see. We aren’t the prettiest, we aren’t the fastest, and sometimes we aren’t the strongest in certain positions. But you know what we are making it happen, we are 8-0 we are winning games and people are dumbfounded at the success. The Chiefs game play is so smart and safe that it works to their style of play. I will admit I too have had concerns as to how well our offense ┬áis, and don’t get me wrong we have a lot of work to do to get it to that ” Next Level”. I have faith that it will get there, but in the mean time they are making do with what works. The passing continues to develop the deep ball and it will come. The run game is lacking and I would love to see it get going, although I know that is not Andy Reid’s forte.




The defense….well the defense continues to be stellar! I am floored at how well this defense plays and how Coach Sutton adjust so well. The Cleveland Browns attacked Sean Smith Sunday and that is an area that needs to be monitored closely. I feel Sean didn’t press Josh Gordon enough off the line allowing himself to get caught trying to catch a much faster receiver. Outside of a few big hiccups I feel we played and adjusted very well. So yeah you look at our team and is it a story book mold? No it is not, but guess what new molds replace old molds. Sometimes you don’t realize how good something is until you sit down open it up and actually look at it. I challenge all the doubters to stop saying this is luck, and just sit down with our chiefs and truly just dig in and take a LOOK! It isn’t what all your diagrams, stats, and charts want…but it is working and working very well! The Chiefs are the last undefeated team in the NFL and keep making the new mold of success in the NFL.


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