Chiefs VS Buffalo pre game


Well here we go and I know most of chiefs kingdom never thought we would be 8-0. Well time to accept reality and realize that it is happening, and this is not a dream! The chiefs are heading into week 9 facing the Buffalo Bills who have started the season 3-5, there is something strange about buffalo with many teams saying ” it is just another atmosphere up there in Buffalo”.  The Kansas City Chiefs will be going into this matchup facing their third relief gunner. Jeff Tuel is going to be starting his first NFL game facing the #1 defense.  This game is crucial to head into the bye week with another victory, and Buffalo would love to break the streak of the chiefs.




The keys to the chiefs victory is to keep protecting the ball, keep taking deep shots down the field. The offense is so close to establishing a deep game and it will happen this year….keep watching. The defense hasn’t been exceptional at attacking and disrupting the fresh QB’s, and would love them to rattle Tuel’s cage. Buffalo will continue to try to run the ball, as they have efficiently the past couple weeks, the line has to protect against this dominating KC defense. overall I feel this will be a close game but I feel KC walks away at the end with a victory and head into a BYE week 9-0


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