Cause for concern, or just time to learn?


Well it is the big week coming up facing AFC west rival the Denver Broncos. The Broncos are a team that are in stride offensively, leading to the main question of our offense is it time for concern or are we just in the learning curve?It is no breaking news that our offense is in a so called funk, but my beliefs are that we just are feeling things out seeing what works. This is made possible because our defense is so smothering. Alex Smith is pushing the ball deeper downfield more than he has the first 4 weeks, and D Bowe is finally getting more and more involved. This team is learning what works, and the beautiful thing is we are winning while we figure it out! Andy Reids playbook has not even been tapped I believe, and look for more amazing things from this new dynamic offense in the second half.


chiefs learnWhat are we going to see from this team in the second half you ask? Well I believe we see the deep game develop, and with that watch the check down game destroy opposing defenses. I believe the keys to this transition totally fall onto three peoples shoulders, Alex Smith, D Bowe and D McCluster. The two receiver’s have the ability to get down field and develop the deep ball for Alex, Bowe needs to start getting more physical, and McCluster has to catch passes that hit him in the hands. Alex needs to figure out his timing, and watch the power he puts behind short passes. It will be interesting to see the continued development of this offense. I feel we see a different offense this upcoming week against the Broncos, and you can place your bet on the best online betting site, I think in the thin air of Colorado your going to see Alex go DEEP!



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