Downfield disaster continues or lack there of…..


Well the downfield drama continued in Denver on Sunday. Alex continued to not throw the deep ball and if he did, it was thrown poorly. I am the biggest fan of Alex Smith , but I do not understand what is going on. He continues to lack the confidence he has had and shown in the past, I can’t take much more of the lack of deep threat. Our offense is totally exposed by not having a running game, and no deep threat does not give us an option. Every play the defense lines up and totally exposes us for what we are and have become, a check down  hope to god we get a first down offense. I know what everyone is going to say, and yes we are 9-1 but we could be 10-0. The continued lack of offense is beginning to cripple and strip credibility of our Defense, and our team as a whole. This coaching staff by now knows who our team is and needs to figure out something to get this offense going! We are talking about 10 weeks of film, 14 if you want to include preseason.

downfield disaster

The play above was the fumble, which turned into 7 points for Denver. I know it is easier to see this from a picture…actually no I don’t! The two yellow circled players are ridiculously wide open. Alex Smith is a NFL quarter back, there is no…I repeat no reason he didn’t see these guys. Alex I feel lacks confidence and it shows with his lack of ability to see down field. I have seen numerous times this year where Alex just throws the ball to a check down route ( which is becoming our obvious hot route), even when he is not under pressure. Why do we continue to just throw 3-4 yards when the defenses are figuring it out and now we are not even moving the ball. We lack the ability to move the ball effectively, there for we lack credibility and respect. The Kansas City Chiefs are a very good team and we have the ability to be a very great team, but we have to move the ball. I know Alex can do it, I feel his coaches know he can do it, but I am beginning to believe Alex doesn’t think he can. What good is a team if their QB doesn’t believe? I really don’t want to know that answer, and I hope we don’t have to find it out this year.


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