Defensive concerns moving forward


Well we all seen the defense totally self implode after losing our two star pass rushers. Our pass rush diminished,and our secondary continued to show its instability, our secondary is a huge concern moving forward. Going into the home stretch against good passing teams, I feel our main focus is our pass coverage not the rush. Because we all seen Cooper, Smith, and even Flowers get burnt repeatedly. I do not see the physical contact off the line that our corners need to disrupt routes and give our pass rushers more time to get to the QB.  Where are our safety’s? Eric berry has not been involved since the first few weeks, and we need his energy out there when our hi tempo pass rushers are down or as last week out. I want our corners to get in these receivers heads and routes, I don’t know why but it seems like none of our secondary has any speed at all!

chiefs secondary


Now don’t get me wrong the offense finally got going and showed a rhythm I haven’t seen all year. But our offense couldn’t carry our defense, like the defense has carried them all year. Great teams aren’t built off just offense or defense, it is a team effort. I hope going forward we will see more of a balance of both sides instead of one or the other showing up on Sunday! Our defense is in a very fragile place moving forward and even more so with facing the hi pass offenses of  Denver, Indianapolis. Our coaches need to figure it out and get it going in the right direction going forward for the sake of the season. So please Smith, Cooper, and Flowers…..GET PHYSICAL AND GET SOME!!!!



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