Tamba Hali to Most Likely Play Sunday Vs Broncos


The news coming out of Arrowhead the past few days is a mixed bag of good and bad. It appears Justin Houston will be out for the next two to three weeks with an elbow injury. The good news is that Tamba Hali is very likely to play. This is very good news as after they both left last week’s game, the Chiefs had zero pass rush. None. All they could muster was an Eric Berry blitz sack and that’s after he ran past quarterback Phillip Rivers and tackled him from behind. Frank Zombo and┬áDezman Moses will still have to provide plenty of pass rush as Hali most likely won’t be 100%. If you think San Diego’s passing attack was fearless, wait until Peyton Manning comes to town. If Hali can’t provide some sort of a pass rush, look for Chiefs’ defensive coordinator Bob Sutton to change his philosophy and rush three and drop eight and play some zone and hopefully get some batted balls down at the line of scrimmage. The Chiefs will have to run the ball effectively and again, take some chances and go down field in order to keep up with Denver’s high scoring assault. Let’s see how Hali plays on Sunday and hopefully he can at least make Manning uncomfortable in the pocket.


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