Round 2 ding ding ding


Well here we go again, (exhale) and we get to face Denver for the second time in 3 weeks! Both teams are coming into this game a little banged up from the first part of the season. This is a pivotal game in the AFC West, this very well could be  home field advantage  game which almost has that post season flare to it. Kansas City suffered their first home loss last week to a stunning last minute touchdown by Phillip Rivers and his San Diego Chargers. While on the other side of the ball you have Denver coming off a loss, and the biggest comeback by the New England Patriots in franchise history. So needless to say these teams are both coming in with a bad taste in their mouths, and this should be a great game. Kansas City needs to ride the offense that shocked everyone last week by coming alive and going toe to toe with a high powered offense. The Defense on the other hand needs to realize that they got it put to them last week and move on, they also need to realize that Hali and Houston are not super hero’s and are indeed  human and can get injured. Our Defensive backfield  have to be on their toes for Mr. Manning, and not fall for all his ” Hurry, Hurry!!!!” nonsense. Denver is going to come in and play their game, which lately seems to be more run heavy than pass…..or is that just an illusion? Either way it looks like they will be getting Champ back this week to help with the Questionable Rodgers-Cromartie and the shaky defense that let Tom Brady fight back.  My prediction is another high score with the chiefs squeaking it out 38-35. What are your Score predictions, let us know what you think fans?!



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