Three Players Who The Chiefs Need to Draft


The Chiefs have added a bunch of great talent throughout the years with the Draft and with the success they have had this season they will have a later pick in the first round. They have many roads to go down this year for the NFL Draft and even trading is one of them. The Chiefs have a great shot this year to get some great talent this year in the Draft so I’m here to show you who might just be on the Chiefs Draft board come May.

The Chiefs have many holes right now with injuries and just poor performance. To me the positions that they need to have as team needs are wide receivers, offensive lineman, and defensive lineman. I don’t think the Chiefs will spend their first round pick for a wide out, but I could see them drafting another offensive lineman for the first round. One player that stands out to me and would be a perfect fit in KC is Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin. He was a star at Missouri University and has been a great fit in Andy Reid’s offense for the years he has been in Philadelphia. Maclin would be a free-agent after this year and would have been coming off a whole off-season of healing and training from an ACL injury. All it would come down to is how much the Chiefs have to spend of Maclin.

Now to the Draft, there are many wide outs in this years Draft class that could be potential pro bowlers, but if the Chiefs add Jeremy Maclin they won’t have to worry about that. The Chiefs should be looking out for Texas Tech tight end Jace Amaro. He is a freak of nature and at 6’5 and 260 lbs. he could be just another threat Alex Smith has with his arsenal. Amaro only has a few downsides to his game is that is her rarely lineup to block and plays more of a receiving tight end. That shouldn’t be to big of a deal saying that Jamaal Charles and the other running backs do a fine job of pass block for the Chiefs.


Next, another player who might not make it as far into the Draft where the Chiefs will pick, but is OL/OT Jake Matthews from Texas A&M.  A couple of things that pop out to me when I watch him is his footwork, size, and ability to run down the field to block on screens.  If the Chiefs can get him late in the first round they would have a steal of a pick and another addition to the o-line. That would help out Alex Smith and even Jamaal Charles a lot. Also there are many other great O-lineman in this years draft to choose from so this isn’t the only o-lineman who would be a perfect fit for the Chiefs.

Lastly, this pick might be a little odd, but there is good reasoning behind this pick. Brett Hundley QB from UCLA. I know the Chiefs have Alex Smith, but you have to look at the reality. He is getting towards the end of his career and only has a couple more years left in the tank. He has had many head injuries and that’s not not going to help him…of course. If they can get Hundley into Andy Reids scheme and teach him under Smith, would be a great fit.





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