Which Chiefs’ team is the Real Chiefs’ Team?


Depending on how you view football, the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs’ team that started the season could be the real Chiefs’ team or if your more negative, you could say that the 0-3 Chiefs’ team we’ve seen the last three weeks is the real team. It’s a real frustrating case of Jekyll and Hyde. It’s more frustrating in the fact that as a fan, we’ve seen this team at it’s very best for most of the season, and now the past three weeks, as some would say, it’s very worst. I believe the lines are a bit more blurred when it comes to excellence versus ineptitude. Are the Chiefs the team that hasn’t made the necessary adjustments the past three weeks and the other teams have, or is it merely better competition? Again, it’s a bit of both. The Chiefs have actually been more aggressive by throwing the ball down the field the past three games and getting big chunks of yards which is good, but now they can’t stop anyone on defense. Losing Justin Houston and Tamba Hali for most of the San Diego game surely didn’t help, especially since there aren’t any other true pass rushers on the team. Sacks were not coming in bunches in a couple of games before that anyways, but you never want to take your two best defensive players, save Eric Berry, off the field at any time in any game. The two Denver games can be argued that Denver is just a better football team being led by an all time great quarterback in Peyton Manning. Manning has made a lot of defenses look bad all year long. Kansas City just has the pleasure of playing him twice a year. I’d like to think that the coaching staff will look at the last three to four games and see why the passing defense has become so porous. The Chiefs have actually done a pretty good job of stopping the run the past few games, except for a couple of long runs, but the pass defense is what’s getting them killed. The Marcus Cooper experiment on the outside has to end and they need to put Brandon Flowers back on the outside to take on the opponent’s number one wide receiver and put Dunta Robinson as the slot corner. Cooper can come in on dime packages, but they paid Robinson to come in and contribute and that’s what they need to do starting this week against the Washington Redskins. Who do you believe is the real Chiefs’ team? Is is the 9-0 dominating defense led Chiefs’, or is it the throw the ball down the field but yet we can’t stop anyone Chiefs’ team? Is it a little of both? Reply to us on twitter and let us know your thoughts. There are no simple answers to this losing streak, but this week may provide some answers in an otherwise winnable game.


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