Three Things That We Learned From Week 14


The Chiefs are coming off three consecutive losses, but things changed this week with a huge win against the Washington Redskins of 45-10.  All three parts of the ball where going and it all turned out good.

The first thing that we learned is that the Chiefs can play well in bad weather conditions. The weather in Washington featured freezing rain, snow and wind. That didn’t effect the Chiefs as they showed everyone that they still have what it takes to be a huge competitor in the AFC. The offensive line did a great job against the Redskins with the horrible field conditions and let Jamaal Charles have a career day.Dexter

Secondly, the next thing that we learned is that the Chiefs special teams isn’t anything to blow off. It started with Dexter McCluster and has been added to with Quintin Demps. The Chiefs had two kick returns in the first half and had 298 totals return yards. The Chiefs continued that into the 2nd half.

Lastly, both the offense and the defense did an excellent job this week by playing smart football and being aggressive. If the Chiefs continue to put up the numbers the offense  has been doing the past couple weeks you have to think the playoff picture is looking very bright for the Chiefs. Another note is that not only are the starters doing a great job, the bench is doing a great job of coming in and producing at the right time. Knile Davis, Junior Hemingway, and the defense are among key factors for the Chiefs 10-3 record.

Coming from a Chiefs fan I do think this is a huge win this week. They got a win on the road and now can go to Oakland healthy and play in warmer weather probably…Should be a great game next weekend and I hope to see the Chiefs with a record of 11-3. Great job today!



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