The Wow Factor: Jamaal Charles


Jamaal Charles continues to wow to all that watch him on Sundays. While making his case for MVP, even though some guy named Peyton Manning has all but wrapped it up, Charles showcases his skills as a runner, receiver and a blocker. The scary thing is that he is still only 26 years and still has many years ahead of him to gouge the NFL’s rushing records. One record he is shooting for is the all time leader in rushing yards per attempt. He is currently averaging 5.6 yards an attempt for his career which is currently tied for seventh all time and that’s mostly behind quarterbacks. Think about this, that’s better than Walter Peyton and Jim Brown. I believe it’s a fair comparison since Charles is in his sixth season and there is an established number of games under his belt. This season, ironically, he is averaging his lowest yards per attempt with 4.9 yards, but he has a career high in touchdowns with 10. He’s getting more touches than ever between rushes and receptions, but he still hasn’t broken off a really long one yet as his longest is 46 yards. The thing I’ve noticed this season more than ever is that he is finishing his runs off with greater power and isn’t afraid to seek out contact; while he only weighs 200 pounds he definitely is running with more authority. The added weapon to his arsenal in this season has been Andy Reid’s offense. Reid and quarterback Alex Smith have made it a priority to thrown the ball to Charles in open spaces and as a check down for when Smith can’t find wide receivers down field. This has resulted in a career high 57 catches for 460 yards and three touchdowns. To put that in perspective, that’s through 13 games with three to go. It’s safe to say that at this point in the season, he is the MVP of the team and will be a huge key to how far the Kansas City Chiefs go in the playoffs.


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